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It is said for a reason that student time is one of the best in people’s lives. After all, this is a time of fun parties that create many memories for life! When Student Day is coming, or another important date, students puzzle over how to organize another student party to make it fun and memorable for a long time. The main problem is the constant lack of money. For this reason, there are restrictions. Still, there are lots of options regarding budget parties. 

Club party

The easiest way to have a fun party that comes to mind is to go to a club. Everybody will love this idea 100%, because all students love to dance to modern energetic music. But in the club you can get lost among friends and strangers and you will not have a real possibility to talk to the groupmates. You can also go to the club at least every weekend, so visiting this place is not a special event. For this reason, many students use other ideas of student “drunken parties”, which are more original. 

Theme parties 

The idea of a theme party itself is quite interesting. But in order to organize it, you have to turn on your imagination. This type of party takes place in a certain style. There a few themes often used: “Retro”, “Hawaiian”, “Hipsters party” and others. You have to spend money on decorating the room to create the right atmosphere. It is also necessary to warn everyone about what they should look like. It is worth paying attention to the photo area so that you can take memorable photos. This type of party is very popular in many countries. Students gather in large company, have fun, drink, socialize and take memorable photos.

Active rest party 

Usually, parties are held with loud music and plenty of booze, everybody has a lot of fun, people do fun things that everyone would remember in the future. The party can be organized in a completely unconventional way for a change. As an alternative, you can organize entertainment with active rest. This option is suitable for a small group of people, for example, a company of students who communicate well with each other. There are many options for an active party. You can go bowling, karting, ice rink, play paintball, etc. Such recreation brings the team together and leaves happy memories. What is more, you will get a lot of emotions and impressions! An active rest party is most suitable for students because they are full of strength and energy.


Another option for a cool party could be a joint trip to a concert. Of course, it’s not so easy to find a singer that everyone likes. The most important thing in such parties is that you go to a concert in another city together. After all, such a party will probably last a few days, during r which there will be a lot of interesting and memorable things. The group of friends will get to better know each other during the trip and there will be a lot of funny moments to recall. A party in this style is very amusing and fascinating. 

Outdoor party

What could be better than a student outdoor party in the countryside for example? This option is suitable for the warm season (spring, summer and early autumn). Usually an outdoor party is held at the end of the school year, when the exams are passed and everyone wants to celebrate that . Outdoor party has a lmany advantages: a lot of space for fun and dancing, the opportunity to prepare kebabs and other food, you can choose a place for a party near a pond, there is a possibility to drink alcoholic drinks, you can spend the night in tents and cars. To make such party successful, gather as many people as possible and agree in advance how you will get to the destination. It is best to find a place near the water, so you can even swim and play different games. Games can be not only in the water! Bring balls, volleyball net, racquets etc. You can also bring your mattresses, in order to arrange a photo shoot in the water. Buy manu snacks, as it always happens like eating a lot outdoors. Such party can be organized for a few days, for example, at weekends. In that case, don’t forget to take tents. This type of party is one of the most enjoyable. 

Dorm party

Sometimes students have dorm parties. It’s not the best option, but it also happens. The drawback of such a party is that you can not drink and make noise, and student parties usually don’t take place without all the above mentioned things. Besides, you will not be able to organize a party for a large number of people, because the rooms are usually small. Despite all disadvantages, fun and memorable party can be arranged even in the dorm room. This option is especially suitable for small and friendly groups, where everyone knows each other. Usually parties in the dorm are designed to just sit at the table, eat delicious food, talk to each other and have fun.

Pool party 

In summer, you can have a college student party by the pool. It’s always a lot of fun and entertainment. The party usually gathers many people who drink, socialize, swim and relax. You can take many beautiful pictures that will remind you of your student years. Various funny inflatable mattresses and other things can be used for pictures. Pool parties are organized in summer, and it’s very convenient, because it’s very hot outside! Perhaps for the warm season, this is the best option for a student party. 

Extreme party

If you and your friends have adrenaline raging in their blood, then there is a special offer for you – an extreme party. This type of recreation will certainly not suit everyone, but only some group of extremists. There are many options for holding such a party. As an option, you can ride in huge jeeps on the off-road, climb a mountain, jump with a parachute or fly in a flying ball (it is less extreme). 

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So choose the option that best suits your group and go for to remember your student times forever!

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