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A time will come when COVID-19 pandemic restrictions cease entirely, especially at which time you will be ready to resume so many off-limit activities. At some point, large gatherings, including festivals and fairs, will start to show up on calendars nationwide. Music concerts, in particular, will be one of the more popular events when they resume. If you have been a regular concertgoer, you may have forgotten both how much stamina it takes to attend one, as well as how many details go into the planning. How do you ensure you have the emotional, mental and physical energy to successfully go through the process of preparing for and attending a big concert? Take the following steps to healthily enjoy a musical event.

Plan Your Purchase

Concert venues and music acts vary in how they promote and offer ticket purchases. At one end of the spectrum are free outdoor events – usually regionally sponsored – that are often family-oriented and open to large crowds. At the other end are touring national events that require purchases through single ticket agencies such as Live Nation Entertainment. Somewhere in between run those shows promoted by and coordinated by the venues themselves.

For most events requiring advance reservations, be prepared to put effort into buying tickets, whether online, through an app or over the phone. For an extra fee you can sometimes activate a membership or join a fan club, allowing early ticket purchase. Otherwise, a set time is given at which lines open and purchase options appear online. If you do not act at that moment for a popular show, you may lose the chance for good seats, or possibly ticket availability at all.

Eat and Sleep to Feel Well

Since tickets often go on sale well in advance of the event, you likely have plenty of time to get ready for the show. Many concerts are stimulating, noisy affairs. You can feel exhausted afterward. It is important that you take the time to build up your stamina, starting with your nutrition intake. If you struggle to create a balanced diet, sources such a Tony Horton nutrition formulation create a mixture that provides optimal energy. By eating well consistently, you will find yourself less fatigued and mentally sharper overall.

Get enough rest, especially in the week before the show. Sleep needs vary by age, but getting a sufficient amount is essential for sleep health. Work on developing sound sleep hygiene, where, for example, you perform consistent nighttime routines and reduce visual and auditory stimulation before bed. If you have had adequate sleep in the days before the concert you will be alert, energetic and mentally positive for its duration.

Iron Out the Details to Reduce Anxiety

Your body reacts negatively to stress. Reduce stress possibilities through good planning. Pour over the venue map to get a feel for its layout. Look for the following: entrances, your seats, first aid stations and food vendors. Read over restrictions, especially what items you can and cannot carry in. Most important, confirm medication policies. If any member of your party is susceptible to life threatening allergies, you may need a physician’s note or prior approval to carry an auto-injector or any similar device. Prescription medications should remain in their original bottles. If you are allowed to bring in food, pack sufficient meals or snacks if you want.

Before the show, map out the route and locate parking options. Because traffic can build exponentially the closer to the time the doors open, and you do not want to fight for a parking spot, find out what time the lots open and plan to arrive as early as you can comfortably do so. When you do park early, get out of the car and do some stretches and relax. Walk around for a while, since you may be sitting for a few hours.

A concert may not sound like a big deal. However, putting care into planning and building up your energy for the loud and active day or night and you will experience positive memories to carry in the days afterward.

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