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When a car is involved in a trailer accident, the result is almost always a catastrophic injury or a fatal death. Most often, these accidents are caused by drivers or transport companies who do not follow the rules designed to promote and ensure the safe operation of their trucks. Some of these common sense rules for drivers include time on the road, number of brakes and load they carry. Truck drivers work long hours and are often pressured by employers to do whatever they want. This includes the use of shortcuts that increase the risk of neglect and disaster.

Handling truck accident cases wisely

There are many safety measures to prevent truck accidents. Employee diaries, federal regulations and strict company measures seek to promote safe driving practices. Unfortunately, these measures are sometimes overlooked to save time and money.

We can handle a wide range of truck accident cases, including:

Drunk driving

Friction due to sleep driving

Intimate accidents

The tire exploded

Inverted folds


Deadly truck accident

At Zehl & Associates, our qualified Houston truck accident lawyer can uncover the causes of the accident and name the parties responsible for the injuries, property damage or other damages.

Trust an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer to fight for you

With our collective experience, our Houston accident lawyers can look after your case regardless of the circumstances. Our organization deliberately limits the number of cases in which each company agrees to provide the client‌ with the time, energy, and resources needed to obtain the greatest possible compensation. In addition, we focus on developing a real relationship with our customers and working with them to achieve a successful outcome. Due to our success in the field of personal injury, our law firm has been named to the US News List of “Best Law Firm” for personal injury. We represent clients in Houston and across the country!

Search all the responsible parties

Often, people involved in truck accidents do not know the identity of all responsible parties or defendants. It is important that you search for each party responsible for your injuries so that you can get compensation before the time limit.

The truck accident lawyer will help you identify all the responsible defendants so that you can recover the maximum damage to your injury.

Choosing the best legal strategy

Most people who seek compensation for a truck accident choose to sue in court, but other options are more appropriate depending on the situation. Each of these strategies has advantages and determining the appropriate course of action can be misleading and stressful. A lawyer with experience in a truck accident case can explain various options and help you decide which option will give you the best result.

Get legal help after your truck accident

Getting involved in a truck accident takes more responsibility than recovering from your injuries. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit, you will have several legal issues, including how to file a lawsuit, when to file a lawsuit, and how to choose a suitable legal strategy. Consult an experienced truck accident lawyer who can assess the facts of your truck accident, evaluate your potential liability and recover your injuries details and related costs.

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