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Most of us who have dabbled in yoga of some form will know there are a plethora of yoga teachers on this planet. That’s not a bad thing as different people connect with different teachers. Those who need increased discipline could be well matched with a warrior-like-tutor, whereas others may prefer the nurturing kind. Regardless of the teaching approach, there are many traits that any decent yoga teacher will possess, Check out our list below to find out what attributes the best yoga teachers should have.

Authenticity is key

Any great yoga teachers will have a personality that oozes authenticity, meaning they are truly passionate and have energy about their teachings. These teachers look to inspire and educate their students. They have a positive attitude and they are empowering. For a yoga teacher to be authentic with their teaching, ongoing exploration and personal practise of yoga should be utilised to gain intellectual knowledge, whether following an 8-limbed direction, yoga for stress relief or something more traditional.

Preparation equals success

Those that take the time to prepare class guide to yoga to facilitate the class objective, which might be as basic as getting students spines to move in all directions, are regarded as great teachers. These teachers will teach classes in tiers from basic through to more complex, gentle to more powerful to try and cater to a range of students and show a committed teaching stance. The teacher should also be around to answer queries and discuss anything after a class.

Generosity keeps on giving

A great yoga teacher wishes to share their successes of what they’ve learnt with others, so that they may too enjoy the same amazing benefits their teacher has gained. The more open the teacher is with their students, the more the teachings will resonate with others. Doing so can result in a snowball effect where the teachers learn more during the process with their students. They do not wish to withhold that information where students become dependent on them. A great yoga teacher does not teach from fear of scarcity but teaches from trust. In other words, the more you give, the more you get.


Teachers that empower and educate their students instead of merely teaching them certain poses can help students to understand the learning journey as they progress. They work from a ‘teach them how to fish’ principle instead of handing them a fish. Teachers need to understand the student’s potential and invest in that for the overall improvement of the student. It is a great way to pass on the authority to each student and to educate them on the principles of practice, so they listen to and understand their own bodies. After this, students can maintain their own health and personal growth. New students should arrive at class and leave feeling it was a positive experience having gained additional yoga knowledge.

Adaptable yoga traits

Encouraging and challenging students is vital for a yoga teacher. Every yoga teacher possesses an element of uniqueness, meaning every yoga class should evolve differently. A great tutor sees students individually and teaches them accordingly. A yoga teacher is similar to a chameleon, having to adapt to different scenarios, catering to various levels, altering the class dynamics to align with students arriving on any given day, and finding alternatives as required. Observation skills are key here as an outstanding teacher takes into account the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual state of their students by listening and observing. In fact, many yoga teachers resonate with spiritual students better due to the tie ins with yoga, you can read more about fortune teller on

Instead of giving everyone the same directions, a great yoga teacher will provide individual instructions to each student in line with their ability, health condition, age and more. They should be willing to work with the bodies of their students, rather than using a one size fits all directive.

It is these traits that differentiate between a good yoga teacher and an outstanding yoga teacher.

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