Posted on: September 24, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

As many of you know, I run NeuFutur Magazine from a home office. This means that whenever there is a problem with the house at large, that there is a problem with the creation of said magazine. One of the issues that we have ran into since we moved to this house a few years back is that the water heater is legitimately from 1993. If you understand water heaters, you would know that there is sediment that accumulates in the heater body itself. This leads to less efficiency in heating the water and less water that comes out into places like your shower or dishwasher at a temperature that is hot enough for you. Being in Arkansas, there is a good way around this. If I chose to work with my landlord, I could easily get a solar water tank heater installed that would have a tremendous amount of hot water available year round. This is because for 90% of the year, Arkansas is incredibly sunny.

Whenever I get too bored, I check out articles about things that I would not typically buy. One of the stories I just read was a piece on the best bulletproof vest. It’s not anything that we cover for NeuFutur Magazine, but the writing style is fun and it’s always fascinating to see how people in different beats review products. The amount of time that I have spent on reading these different type of articles has increased in the current climate. I know my kid has been wanting me to make it out to a mall or other public place. I know that she’d be all on the GTA Glass Railings at a mall, museum, zoo or office building around our neck of the woods, so I’m a bit worried about what sort of trouble she might find herself.

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