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A partner visa is a special kind of visa that allows your lover to accompany you to Australia. Lodging for a spouse visa in Australia can be a very hectic process. This headache is regardless if you have been in a relationship for years. You should be in a position to provide substantial evidence that is convincing to the immigration department. You may end up preparing for many years, if not months, to have enough evidence that you have been together. There are also three sub-categories types of spouse visa in Australia. Partner Visa, De facto spouse visa, and potential marriage visa. All these are issued after meeting the minimum threshold as spelled by the immigration.

The department in charge of immigration will not consider the years you have been seeing your spouse. There are no parameters to measure the level of love. All is required is to prove commitment and that you are indeed in a relationship. But how do you get to prove? This evidence comes to inform of transaction statements, bills, and communication logs. To acquire this visa, you need to prepare several things. The entire process can take a maximum of 25 months. This article will look at the six things you need to do to acquire a partner visa from Melbourne CBD’s migration agents.

Register your relationship with the immigration department

Registration is the initial step to acquiring a spouse visa and it is usually done at the state where you’re residing. The Migration Agents recommend that you register if you have not been together for over one year in Melbourne CBD. The entire process is actually at zero cost, but to be certified, you will part with about $40.

Setting up a joint account

The objective of having a joint bank account is to confirm to the department of immigration that your financial obligations are shared. This joint transaction can be achieved by setting up a deposit account and contributing to it weekly or monthly to settle import bills. It will be a wonderful gesture to immigration, proving the extent of sharing household obligations.

Adding spouses’ names to your utilities

Why not add your partner’s name to your billing address? The correspondence will always address the two of you, and this will further prove that you have indeed been living together. The majority of the couples may not think it is a good idea but is one of the surest ways to validate. Perhaps you can even subscribe to some business that will be sending both of you to document under one combined name.

Cover your partner with your insurance

Covering someone with your insurance policy is a costly commitment. This policy is proof enough that you are willing to go the extra mile to protect your spouse. Insurance may be in the form of health, education, and car. By them appearing on your policy, it’s proof enough to certify your relationship.

Constant communication

Communication is very crucial in any relationship. Applying a visa to your partner means they’re not literally from Australia. It is therefore advisable to keep regular communication with them either by emailing or Skype. These two communication methods can prove that there was communication during the separation period since communication logs can be traced.

Performing joint undertakings

Joint activities entail things to do with social activities, cultural practices, and entertainment. You can even sign up for a gym session or a local sporting team. While executing this, you should be able to document every move by taking unlimited photos that will be used by the immigration department to evaluate you. Other functions that can be done jointly is by attending weddings, going on holidays, or even inviting friends over to your place. All this will be used to appraise your need for a visa if it qualifies.

According to Australian law, you must be legally documented to reside in the country or transact any business there. It is, therefore, for you to comply. Migration Agents in Melbourne CBD will help you step by step in acquiring the visa so long as you meet the criteria. All this is done to have the right people into the country who have undergone vetting and fit to be citizens.


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