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Imagine the pressure of finding the song that will often define you and is your listeners’  first impression. If you’re a singer, and maybe you didn’t directly work on writing the song, you have to choose from a pile of songs that showcase your voice, your demeanor. In “We Are Us” country singer Savannah Nider, a newcomer to the national scene, not only choses a song that enriches the world, but a song that encapsulates a woman opening her voice and her heart.

Nider has a sharpness in her voice – much like Cher – she has that throaty layer that you can’t ignore. Nider, who great up in a small Nebraskan town (Pawnee City) moved to Nashville with her husband after graduating college hasn’t looked back. When Music City’s call is strong it’s hard to ignore the appeal, but deep down, I don’t think Nider has lost that connection to her hometown. When she sings “too many fights, it’s never right, always hating” she’s commenting on the state of the world, and I can only deduct, social media. “There’s no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow (Nider holds onto the word ‘tomorrow’ for a split second longer) we are us, we still pray, we still love every single day,” Nader sings. Her rejoice, her faith is evident. While this is not a praise song, per se, I think her upbringing and her audience will definitely find the line ‘we still pray’ relatable. There are a lot of country artists, females especially, that sound the same. They are all trying to be the next Kasey Musgraves or Miranda Lambert, but Savannah aims higher.

Underneath the words and hidden in the music bed is a vulnerability in Savannah. She’s pouring her heart out. One other important thing that really struck me about Savannah is her fearlessness. She’s not afraid to take some chances in some of the delivery – as mentioned prior she lets some of the words linger just a longer outside of the chorus. I liked the changeups of the song, and the backing music never took away from her vocals. The sound is perfect – not surprising since she worked with Grammy-winning engineer Steve Marcantonio (Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Rogers—to name a few) and producer Bryan Cole. What I can glean from Savannah’s song is a portrait of a woman that is realizing her dream. She’s a rarity in the year 2020 – a songstress with a heart of gold and determination to connect with her fans.

“We Are Us” actually could be labeled Christian contemporary, in addition to country. I like that she’s balanced in each genre and I think it will bode well for Savannah down in the line in her career. Whatever’s next on the horizon, “We Are Us” is a commendable song and one that really introduces Savannah’s unique stylings. I look forward to hearing more from her, as well as once touring resumes, she can take her powerful voice on the road. “We Are Us” is just the beginning for a singer like Savannah.

Kim Muncie

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