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A gun cleaning mat is among the top favorite shooters’ tools to keep their device clean and functional. These mats are specially designed for cleaning guns, instead of using normal fabric or towels. Gun mats also help in preventing mess during the cleaning procedure.

If you own a gun, then these cleaning mats are a must-buy for you.

This article will provide you with a complete guide about purchasing the best one for yourself.

Why use cleaning mats?

It is always recommended to use gun cleaning mats because they protect the surface of the weapons while you clean it. Shooters, firearm owners, and gunsmiths widely use these. The unique thing about these cleaning mats is that they are made up of leak-proof materials that ensure oils, solvents, grease, etc. do not fall off the guns and create a mess around. These mats are of the perfect size to keep the inner components of your guns organized.

Things to look for while buying a gun cleaning mat

Each cleaning mat comes with its unique features, and you should keep a close look at them before buying. Here we have listed some common components that you should tick off while buying your gun’s cleaning mat.

  • Your cleaning mat needs to have a good grip, or else you will not clean your gun properly. So look out for something made up of non-slippery material.
  • Go for a compact gun mat that you can easily roll-up. It will save your storage space, and you can keep them even in small bunks.
  • Look if the mat comes with printed instructions or not. It will help you to assemble and disassemble the thing quickly, without any hassles.
  • If you want your mats to last long, it should be made up of durable and robust material that can resist wear and tear.
  • As the mat will be cleaning oil, grease, and other solvents, make sure that it is resistant to avoid a mess. Also, look out for water-resistant mats.
  • First, look at the size of the gun and rifle you are trying to clean. The mat size should complement that.
  • Go for mats made up of quality materials like waxed canvas, wool, leather, etc.
  • You might want to invest your money in gun mats that come with a parts bin. It will keep even the small parts of your guns in place and save your time while assembling the weapon.
  • A higher price always does not always indicate higher quality. You can get many affordable options that are quite useful. Look at the mat’s features stated above and then decide whether it would fulfill your purpose or not.

You can get a variety of gun cleaning mats at your nearest sports storing or firearm accessories store. You can even go to e-commerce websites to buy them without stepping out of your home. Some brands have their official websites from where you can easily purchase these mats without any hassles. Also, don’t forget to read the reviews before finally purchasing one.

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