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Traveling solo will need you to put in a lot of thought and attention to your safety. It is because traveling alone means: 

  1. Preventing all possible issues from cropping in 
  2. Having a plan of action in case any problem arises
  3. Deciding how to manage and cope with them

When you travel, prevention is your top-most priority. However, it is equally important to know and understand that no degree of prevention can be a guarantee of your safety. A lot of things are not in your control, and some may even be inevitable. However, that in no way means that you will compromise on your prevention. To help you prepare better for your solo travel, we have come up with a few tips, which can come in handy. However, before we get to that, is it safe to travel alone? Let’s find out.  

Is traveling solo safe?

For starters, traveling solo is just as safe as traveling with companions. However, traveling in an organized manner will help you better cater to your safety. Please bear in mind that every travel comes with its share of risks. So, if you plan well, be aware of your surroundings, you will surely make better choices and keep yourself safe. 

Safety tips while traveling alone 

Now, let us look at some of the tips you need to keep in mind when traveling solo. 

Trust your intuition

At any point in time, if it does not feel right, leave from there. Be it a hostel, park, or a bar; if there is any situation that does not leave you feeling right or in case your spidey senses are tingling, then we recommend you to get out from that situation. Elie, an EduWorldUSA expert, says that when she went on a solo Spain trip, she met a guy who seemed shady but pretended to be very sweet on the face of it; she decided to trust her gut and got out from the situation then and there.  

Be in public

If you are traveling alone, it is always good to pick places, restaurants, tourist attractions, and roads with people. It is imperative if you are exploring the city during night time. Do not walk past the road that looks deserted. 

Be aware of the typical con games of the destination you are traveling

If ever a stranger is giving you something for free, say no. Always keep in mind, there are no free lunches in this world. If someone is giving you something, they want something in return from you. Kylie, a FineGrades associate, says that when she went to Barcelona, a stranger was offering a rose on the street to the travelers, but since she heard from her friend that it was a common practice of deceiving the travelers, she quietly escaped them. Further, in many countries, the con artists will con you by saying that they found a ring on the ground and offer it to you as a possible someone who lost the ring. In general, it is always a good idea to be aware of the classic con games that the locals use to deceive travelers before traveling to any new location. 

Do not give your personal information to strangers

Of course, when you travel solo, you need to communicate with the locals to get around the city, but that, in no way, means that you divulge your details to strangers. Where you are staying, and your contact number is personal information and should not be disclosed to strangers. Your accommodation must be a safe haven. So, to prevent any safety mishap, keep your private information private.   

Be alert

Yes, you want to sink in and enjoy the destination to the fullest, but it is equally essential to be aware of what is happening around you. Stay alert in public to ensure that nothing goes amiss.  

Sleep well

Many people think that when they are traveling, they should make the most of their time, and for that, they compromise on their sleep, but this is a wrong approach. It is essential to sleep well on your vacation because it helps you stay more energized and alert, says Jennifer, an educator with TrumpLearningIf you are jet-lagged or overtired, you will be less alert, which can land you in a fix. 

Keep yourself sober

Regardless of your drug choice, it is best to keep it sober when you are traveling solo. When you are intoxicated, you not only lose your alertness, but your judgment is also compromised. Since you are all by yourself, you do not want to appear vulnerable to any stranger. 

Be confident

Of course, if you are in a place like Eiffel Tower, meandering as a tourist does make sense. However, there are so many other circumstances and places where you need to talk, walk, and behave like a local. The onlookers should feel that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are headed. Looking like a tourist in a new location can be your biggest mistake. Chris, an associate offering TopOnlineAssignmentServices, says that on his trip to India, he went to a bargain market in Sarojini Nagar with his girlfriend, and he knew the sellers there were overcharging him, so he very confidently used his bargain skills not to end up overpaying for anything. 

Blend in well

Blending yourself well in a situation and amongst a group of new people requires more than just confidence. To mix well in a new country, you should be aware of the cultural differences and try to overcome them, shares Nia, who offers assignment help in Australia

Always be polite

Regardless of which part of the world you are traveling to, being impolite will always land you into trouble. Many people may take offense to your rude or arrogant behavior, and the consequences of it can be very unpredictable. So, for your safety alone, be gentle in all situations and circumstances. However, if someone is troubling you, then being polite will only make the situation worse. Know when you have to fight back. If you have a stranger following you, make noise to attract attention, and drive him away. 

So, these are a few common safety tips that you need to bear in mind when you head out on your next solo trip. 

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