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Casinos are packed with endless amounts of fun. The Danish Casino games on offer are varied and there are so many games to choose from. I have created a list of the most popular casino games and ones that I absolutely adore.


Poker is my personal favourite. It is not so simple that anyone can play, but it is not too complicated that you need to be a genius. The great thing about Poker is that it is not based entirely on luck. Having a good Poker face, being able to read peoples expressions and bluffing are all skills that can help you win. You could have the worst hand ( a pair of 3s and a pair of 10s) but if you can talk and act well, you may just about get away with it. You could also have the best hand (A royal flush) and still not win a fortune. No two games of Poker are the same. To play Poker you need knowledge and some skill, do not walk into a Poker game without knowing how to play. You will lose. Learn, practice, play.


This is a fan favourite. The popularity of roulette is due to its simplicity. You can walk into a casino or log in online without any prior knowledge and win a fortune. You bet on a number and wait. You can bet on the colour. If you are going to a casino, you have to play roulette even if you are just betting on whether the ball lands or black or red. The odds are 50%, they do not get much better than that.


A popular favourite and another personal favourite. Again this game is easy to pick up and is full of anticipation and slight skill. Luck does play an important part in Blackjack but you can make an educated guess on whether the next card you get will get you 21 or bust. A game that can be played with your friends or on your own. The chances of winning blackjack are also one of the highest odds in a casino. With a 49% chance of beating the house, what are you waiting for?

Slots (Fruit machines)

The introduction of slots was a turning point for casinos. Their unexpected popularity rocketed and is still soaring today. This is one of the simplest and most addictive games in a casino. They are also the quickest and easiest game to play online. If you are going to a casino this is a game you must play. You have not had the full casino experience without trying your luck on a slot machine. The chance of winning is shockingly low but if you do win, you win big.

The advice I would give you, try the favourite casino games. Try all the games. Find the game you love the most and play that.

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