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You may be the type of slot player that tends to stick to playing in land based casinos, and if you are you do need to be aware of the extra value and benefits that can flow your way when you switch over to playing online.

As you will discover when visiting websites such as SOS Game, many casinos at which you can play slots for real money give away bonuses, but there are many additional features offered by those sites that can help you to lock in even more slot playing value.

Spotting Real Money Slots with High RTP’s

You may be tempted to play new slot machines that you see going live at any online real money slots sites and casino sites, but always keep in mind that the best slots to get stuck into playing, especially for real money are those that have been designed with the highest payout percentages.

Some casino sites online have slot games which have been designed with payout percentages of 99% or even higher, and as such they should certainly be the ones that you spend your time tracking down and playing.

Online casinos are often legally obliged by their gambling license issuer to publish each slot machines payout percentage on their websites, on the pay tables of the slots or on the slot machines game play rules, so look them up and play the higher paying slots is my top tups to players.

Combining Bonuses with Comps

One way that you can get lots of playing time out of your bankroll when you play slots for real money online is by claiming as many casino bonuses as you can do.

As for just which bonuses are going to be the ones worth tracking down and claiming, well keep in mind each bonus will come with its own set of terms and conditions and often some additional bonus play rules.

So, I would urge you to read them all through and be on the lookout for slot machine bonus offers that have a low play through requirements.

Also, it is worth noting that some casinos will also award you comp points not only when you play their slot machines online for real money with your own funds but also with bonus playing credits, they award you too, so they are casinos you certainly should be looking to play at and claim their bonuses as well.

Which Progressive Slots Are About to Payout?

The temptation to play progressive slots is always going to be there, for those types of slot machines offer one or more jackpots that only stop growing in value when a player wins those jackpots, and as such some of them can become huge in value.

In fact, it is possible to see some progressive jackpots giving you the chance of winning millions of Dollars and every slot player will at some point in time have dreamed about winning a jackpot that big

But as long as you always keep in mind that the chance of you actually winning a mega sized jackpot is going to be tiny, and do not become too obsessed with chasing such jackpots you will certainly find more than enough machines offering such jackpots no matter where you choose to play.

As for when those jackpots tend to get win, well there is no way of telling when they will pay out, but some slot machines do offer a hit by type of progressive jackpot.

When you play such a slot those jackpots cannot grow in value higher that their maximum payout amount, and as such the best time to play those types of games are when their respective jackpots are close to their guaranteed hit by amounts, so always be on the lookout for those types of jackpots as one that is not far away from its hit by amount is going to payout that jackpot sooner rather than later.

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