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Instagram is not just an application in social media but it is also known as a branded platform because of its Instagram followers. If you have a strong presence on Instagram you can get serious advantages for your brands. Instagram has a hugely valuable safety net for businesses. Now we will discuss the updated  features which Instagram has:

Food orders and gift cards:-

Just because of COVID-19 Instagram has launched two features for small growing business food orders and gift cards. A gift card is a new method of business in which vouchers are sold out in the App. To drive awareness of the food delivery service in hospitality, food orders are a new method to provide to businesses.

Pinned comments:-

It is a fresh feature of Instagram, on this platform you can set the tone for your community and brand. You can choose to pin positive comments which can help you to endorse your products and brands. On Instagram, you are allowed to pin just 3 comments on a post. You can also divert the attention of bots and troll comments away from your brand perception.

Highlighted stories:-

Instagram stories are valuable equipment for businesses. It can strengthen your visual branding on Instagram if you create Instagram stories highlighting covers that can support your aesthetic. Instagram is full of features and equipment that can help your business.

Countdown stickers:-

Countdown stickers are an awesome tool to build hype around the upcoming product launch on Instagram. When your countdown ends to make these stickers, Instagram accounts can encourage your followers to tap and set a reminder. You can save time and get more views just by buying cheap Instagram followers from Goread.

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