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Sure, a diamond is forever. Formed in millions of years and loved by billions of people, a diamond is truly irreplaceable. However, they are expensive and rare and need utmost care. In the past couple of years, some gemstones have become quite sought-after alternatives. 

These stunning gemstones, with their cuts and colors, have become increasingly popular. Not only do they look exquisite, but also they serve some purpose. A jewelry piece that is a perfect blend of form and function is very rare as well. From Tanzanite to Sapphire, these gemstones also take care of your well-being in addition to making you look ravishing. These aren’t just an alternative but also give diversity to your jewelry collection. 

Although, there is very little information about them on the internet. To save you from hassle, we have put together five such pendants that are worthy diamond alternatives and deserve your attention. Take a look.

1. Shungite Pendant

Shungite Jewelry, for a long time, has been associated as a healing crystal. There is no denying that it is a powerful source for internal healing against all the negative energies. In recent times, however, it has become one of the most sought-after jewelry options that have healing properties and look stunning. It’s true. Loved by fashionistas all over the world, it has been spotted in the most major fashion shows. The incredible finish and unusual form give it a unique, charming presence. Crowned as a ‘miracle molecule,’ a Shungite pendant would be an ideal choice if you are going for a jewelry purchase this season.

2. Tanzanite Pendant

Although popularly known as the birthstone for December-borns, Tanzanite jewelry is for everyone. It has been a symbol of purity and spiritual growth for a long time. Its rich blue velvet texture makes it one of the most desirable jewelry out there. Some compare it with the sky, full of stars. In recent years, they have emerged as a popular choice for engagement rings. Its out-of-box appearance, with a meaningful purpose behind it, contributes to its ravishing persona. Above all, given the price and the looks, it is also a healthy investment option. It is truly one of the rare combinations of form and function, making it the most appropriate jewelry to get added to your collection.  

3. Birthstone Pendant

Are you someone who believes in the healing powers of your birthstones? Even if you aren’t, there are some highly sought-after jewelry options out there, which are only good for your mind and soul but also offer a charming presence. Personalized jewelry, for one, is becoming the favorite among fashionistas around the world. Getting jewelry that is a perfect marriage of form and function that gives an incredible value is always a good idea. A touch of meaningfulness is highly admired in any accessory. One can achieve that by adding something personal to her jewelry, which reflects her true character. On top of that, a birthstone pendant is also an excellent potential investment that you can look into. It’s fun and fabulous, with the healing property that suits you – there is nothing more you can ask from a jewelry piece. 

4. Emerald Pendant

Said to be Cleopatra’s favorite stone, an Emerald has that charming presence no other stone has. With a range of green hues and shades in one stone, it is the most charismatic and iconic stone the world has seen. From the likes of the biggest fashion houses to the well-known celebrities, they all have something nice to say about this precious stone. It becomes most desirable when adorned as a pendant in a neckpiece. It only fits that the most attractive piece becomes the focal point of your personality. A cherry on the cake, if you will, is the value it holds in the investment market. With its unparalleled presence and the calming properties it offers, it is a must for any jewelry collection.       

5. Pink Sapphire Pendant

Very few gemstones have seen and enjoyed the popularity a blue sapphire has. Although they come in various color options, a pink sapphire has created many buzzes and has been seen in the most prominent fashion shows. The mesmerizing pink color with its deep, velvet texture gives it quite a unique look compared to other gemstones. Known to be best suited for those who are born in September, a pink sapphire has that charming presence that it could suit anyone in any season. As a symbol of royalty, a pink sapphire pendant should belong to every jewelry collection out there. Not to mention how good of an investment option it is.

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