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Humans are social beings, and to socialize better, individuals need to master the art of perfecting their first impression.

Why so?

A person decides to get to know another person more based on their first impression. No matter how harsh it may sound, it’s true. ​​Since appearance plays a crucial role in defining an individual’s first impression, individuals must look their best when interacting with people, no matter the circumstances. They say the secret to feeling good also lies within looking good, but what does it take to dress to impress the various types of people one comes across in a day?

The fashion world offers many clothing and style choices to enhance a person’s appearance; however, confidence is the best accessory a human can wear. How does one boost this confidence to impress absolutely anyone they come across in a day? The answer is quite simple – absolute confidence does not come with expensive clothes or adopting the latest fashion trend; it comes with accepting one’s quirks and strengths and doing everything it takes to enhance them.

Here are six style hacks to start dressing with confidence for taking the fashion world by storm:

1. Understand The Unique Body Type

Every human being has a unique body shape depending on height, width, curves, and more. Apparel brands are now inclined towards body positivity; therefore, many have started manufacturing clothing in several sizes instead of the typical small, medium, and large. A jeans outlet may now offer everything from skinny jeans to plus size jeans for women to satisfy the different variants of the four common body types:

  • Apple – an individual with broader shoulders and bust than hips. These people look best in oversized jackets, lighter fabrics, flared shirts, accentuated waistlines, and fitted bottoms.
  • A banana is an individual with similar hips, waist, and bust measurements. These people look best in flowy tops and bottoms, fitted tops and bottoms, contrasting colors, and waist-defining pieces.
  • Pear is an individual with broader hips than the bust. These people look best in accentuated waistlines, brighter colors and prints, more fitted and curve enhancing outfits.
  • Hourglass is an individual with nearly equal measurement of hips and bust but a narrower waist size. These people look best in clothes that follow the natural silhouette, outfits that spotlight the curves, and accentuated waistlines.

2. Flaunt The Best Features

Everyone has some things they love about their body and some things they hate – nobody sees themselves as perfect. However, the trick to look good is to emphasize the best assets and de-emphasize the rest. Individuals must figure out what aspect of their look is better than average; it can be anything from height to leg shape, skin complexion, and even hair. Whatever this feature may be, people must make sure they style it the best, attracting the most attention and bringing individuals many compliments. Accentuating the areas a person loves the most also helps them become more confident in their look.

3. Find The Optimal Colors

Wearing the right color can do wonders for a person; not every shade of the color spectrum can work for an individual. The right colors compliment an individual’s skin complexion and hair color. People must experiment with various colors of the color palette to know what works best for them. Moreover, wearing the season’s colors can enhance a person’s overall look. For example, dark and warm tones tend to work well for the fall and winter seasons, while bright and soft tones look great in the spring and summer seasons.

4. Consider The PEPA – Place, Event, People, Action

When in Rome, do as the Romans do is a famous proverb explaining that individuals must adapt themselves to the customs and traditions of people residing in the place they are visiting. It is possibly the best fashion advice a person can follow. Individuals must make an effort to always dress according to various factors.

  • The place they will be visiting.
  • The event they will be attending.
  • The people they will be meeting.
  • The action they will be doing.

For example, when attending a meeting with colleagues, people must always prefer formal attire – tail coats and evening dresses in safe colors like white, beige, or light blue.

5. Create A Signature Style

While people need to dress according to the occasion, it’s also crucial for individuals to have their sense of style. People must experiment with several clothing styles and accessories to find their go-to look that speaks the most of their personality. It can be an iconic pair of jeans they love to play around with; for others, it can be footwear they feel best in, and for many, it can be a hairstyle that defines their personality the most. Whatever it is, an individual must try to plan most of their outfits around their signature style to set themselves apart from the crowd. After all, individuality is something to be cherished and loved.

6. Prioritize Comfort The Most

Experimenting with fashion is excellent, but not to lengths that make a person uncomfortable. A study conducted by the Austin Community College showcased that uncomfortable clothing can adversely affect an individual’s performance. Trying new trends time and again is fun, but if it makes a person uncomfortable, they must skip it no matter how tempting they may seem. Wearing uncomfortable attire can severely impact an individual’s confidence level, making them feel out of place and awkward. It clearly shows on a person’s face and does not help make profound first impressions.


According to Scientific American, how a person dresses highly influences their performance and confidence. Since appearances are the first thing other people notice about a person, individuals must not take any risks with their looks. A person must take advantage of the above hacks to dress confidently and make an excellent first impression. With all that being said, remember that each person is beautiful in their unique way — the trick to feeling confident lies in embracing all the flaws and strengths. Good looks tend to follow once a person starts to have faith in themselves.

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