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Blue On the Inside is a powerful track that defies genre conventions. There are nods that Katie makes here to Fleetwood Mac, Paramore, and Blondie. The dynamic instrumentation present here builds upon the angular sound of acts like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and Interpol. This single will easily chart on a bevy of different playlists due to this every-person sort of sound. We’re particularly enamored with the track’s bridge, in which things slow down for just a moment before the guitars, drums, and Barbato’s vocals unite to sweep fans away for the final minute.

Embers starts off with a more introspective and touching approach. The track needs little more than a guitar/drum dynamic and Barbato’s vox. Light vocal matching and more thoughtful arrangements provide a distinctly different sound for Embers when compared to Blue on the Inside. Fans of Natalie Cole and Taylor Swift will find something to sink their teeth into.

Time Is an Illusion has one of the most beautiful bass lines we’ve ever heard. The track feels inspired by traditional American gospel at its beginning, gradually moving into a dreamy pop effort akin to Rufus Wainwright. The tautness of Barbato’s backing band is heard clearly here. Tightrope maintains the longer run time of Time Is an Illusion (>5 minutes), a necessity considering that Barbato et al are able to insert so many twists and turns over the course of the song’s run time. No matter how distinct this set of tracks may be from what typically fills up radio rolls, I have a good feeling that we’ll be hearing Barbato’s unique take on music more and more as 2022 continues on.

Top Tracks: Blue On the Inside, Time Is an Illusion

Rating: 8.3/10

Barbato’s The Trail of Us will be released on June 10th. Check out Barbato’s BandCamp and let us know what you think.

Katie Barbato – The Trail of Us / 2022 / Domain / BandCamp

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