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Here in the southern United States, it is starting to drastically increase in temperature. We have this interesting situation where come about March, the chance of the temperature reaching above 80 degrees on any average day is at least 75%. While it is decently nice right now, give it about a month and the temps will be regularly reaching to the 100-degree mark. It is about this time during the year that we realize we should take some form of vacation. The one thing we typically drag our feet on is booking airlines. In most normal situations, the cost that you will pay to get on a normal airplane first class the week before a vacation is seemingly near the rate that you will pay for a private jet. provides individuals with a means of comparison to see whether private services will be comparable to those that tend to pack individuals in like sardines.

Another thing that tends to happen as the mercury continues to rise is that little tiffs happen at an increased frequency. Some of these arguments can be dealt with by a relationship therapist like With counseling and couples therapy, many of life’s little nitpicks can be worked on. Of course, one has to make sure that all of the vacation time and personal days that are taken over the course of the year are something that your work approves. If there is some confusion about the duration or the fashion in which one utilizes this paid time off, another office may need to be called. For anything like arbitration or outright legal wrangling about these issues, the best employment lawyers may need to be called.

Summertime is a busy time of year. Here’s to hoping you are able to sail through all of these treacherous waters and make some seriously amazing memories with your loved ones.

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