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Everyone experiences anxiety at some stage in life, usually in scenarios where they are out of their comfort zone, such as meeting new people or public speaking, for example. However, feeling anxious on these occasions is wildly different from living with an anxiety disorder, which can impact your everyday life. Those who do live with an anxiety disorder might struggle in social settings, but even something like going to the grocery store or taking a phone call can seem like an insurmountable task. This is not only frustrating for those dealing with this, but it may even impact their relationships with others and their ability to live their life happily. If you are an individual who has an anxiety disorder or you know someone who has, here are a few tips that might help you to ease these feelings and learn some healthy coping mechanisms.

1.   Do Speak to Your Doctor

Sometimes speaking to medical professionals can be frustrating, particularly if you feel like you’re trying various treatments and nothing is working for you. While this can be frustrating, it is crucial to remember that everyone is different and that what worked for one person with an anxiety disorder won’t necessarily be as effective for you. It is important to discover what treatment options do work for you, however, whether that be taking anxiety medications, talking therapies, group therapies, all of the above, or something else. Your doctor and the mental health team will also be able to give you more information on how to manage your symptoms and deal with things like panic attacks more effectively at home.

2.   Be Kind to Yourself

This isn’t always easy to do, no matter whether you have an anxiety disorder or not. However, for those who are dealing with this issue, you might find yourself worrying more about what other people are thinking or going over something you said with a fine-tooth comb and being very critical of yourself. Breaking this cycle is far easier said than done, but it is important to try, as this behavior will only make you feel worse in the long term. There are several ways you can start to be kinder to yourself, such as writing down five positive things you like about yourself and reading this out loud each morning or before you go to bed. You could even cook yourself a nice meal or have a relaxing bath to help you switch off after a long day. If you do find it difficult to unwind, speak to your doctor about possible medications to help you do this, or if you want to try some holistic remedies, consider some of the top CBD oil brands, as some people have found it eases their feelings of anxiety and stress.

3.   Take Small Steps

Sometimes putting yourself out there and tackling scenarios that make you feel anxious can be a good way to overcome this, but you should also be wary that you’re not pushing yourself too far too quickly. Speaking to a therapist can help you learn more about your triggers and boundaries in this regard, but if you do want to start trying to overcome some of your anxieties, taking small steps to do this can be beneficial. Set yourself little goals to do each day, gradually building up to more challenging tasks as your confidence increases. Anxiety disorders can be difficult to deal with, and showing yourself some compassion and patience is important. Do reach out to mental health specialists to get the right support to move forward and learn to live with this issue more comfortably.

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