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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and those who are lucky enough are able to get their home to reflect that.

In between the Christmas decorations, the cupboards filled with “do not touch” foods, and gifts that are being hidden all over the place waiting for Santa to sort out, sometimes it is the little finishing touches that we forget.

However, those little finishing touches can make all of the difference to an elevated Christmas experience.

This piece is going to offer some simple final touches for Christmas that could help take your festive period from good to great!


You will find that decorations will often take precedence in a festive home at Christmas. The staple pieces are of course the traditional evergreen tree, rooftop decorations, and window displays – and while in many cases that is enough to spark a bit of festive joy into even the most ‘bah humbug’ of hearts, some finishing touches really can be the icing on the Christmas cake. We’re talking glitter, faux snow, Santa’s shoe prints, a half-eaten carrot (because Rudolph must be full by now), Christmas door decorations, and handwritten notes in stockings.
Adding these finishing touches with decoration can tie everything together and make Christmas that much more magical.

Fancy Food Trimmings

As I’m sure you’ll agree, food is one of the best parts of the holidays, and while you have your bags of chips, your turkey, and a cheese platter you are never going to be able to finish, you can still add on a couple of extras to make your feast fit for royalty.

Add some final fancy touches to your holiday feast with something such as:

  • Topping off your holiday meal with a beautiful garnish. Try rosemary sprigs, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, or even edible flowers.
  • Get creative with your place sets. Use festive napkins and charger plates, try making place cards out of holly leaves, or make your own centerpiece filled with fresh foliage.
  • If you can afford to, splash out on that expensive bottle of wine you can only buy once a year, or buy a delicacy that you will only eat at Christmas to share with everyone.
  • Add some sparkle to your table with glittery candles, confetti, or a glitzy tablecloth.
  • For a truly show-stopping presentation, try serving your food on gold-rimmed plates or in elegant stemware.

Plan Your Games and Activities

Festive games are part in parcel of holiday cheer. For those who like to have a post-food snooze, however, a good Christmas film is hard to beat too. Instead of putting the first thing you see on the TV, or getting out the same board game every year, have a think about what you could do differently. Can you turn your front room into a Christmas cinema? Can you create shirts with team names on for a very competitive game of charades?

Think about what can take these traditional activities to the next level.

With these final Christmas touches, your home will be ready for the holidays!

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