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How does it feel to embark on your solo career since your days as the lead singer in The
Gray Vines? What motivated you to begin this journey now more than ever before? 

I just wanted to finally do whatever I wanted to do, you know? In the past, I experienced a lot of,“I know what’s best for you”, and I remembered I do this for me. There’s no promise of me ever actually being financially and socially successful from anything I create, so I really want to make what I want to make. I’m aiming towards something. I want to be in control of what I put out so I might achieve it. Plus, using my name forces me to be honest, or else I’m lying about what I’m presenting.

In what ways does your music reflect your Jersey roots, and how have you grown
artistically since you got your start? How does this come through in “Reflection”?

I grew up home schooled on a dirt road, so my roots do not feel New Jersey flavored. What has affected me much more is going from a very small and spread out social circle, to living in New York City, where there are thousands of people per block. My hometown contains just over 2,000 people, and I was still a loner. Now, I’m in the thick of it in the most densely populated city in the United States. It is a big change.

What inspired you to write “Reflection”? What caused you to explore such a deep,
reflective topic, and how long have you been pondering this to be able to put these inner
thoughts into comprehensible words?

It’s an idea I’ve been trying to articulate for a some time. It’s karma, basically. I believe that shit and the lyrics are simply my experience with it.

What was your experience recording the “Reflection” instrumentals, and what was your
experience seeing this process through from beginning to end for your first time? 
“Reflection” is not the first time I’ve done any of this. Everything that has worked so far has felt very fluent, from recording the actual instruments to deciding the album art, even picking the release date. The record comes out on Friday, 9/9. I play bass in my live ensemble and the number “9” kinda looks like a bass clef on sheet music. If I take any step too seriously, I’ll never move.

Talk about the visual storytelling in the “Reflection” music video clips. How does it tie
into your theme of “what goes around, comes around” in the song? 

Time, dude…space. Set an intention and pray. My producer, Matthew Cerisano, and I thought of the idea on the subway ride to shoot the video. We wanted to make something good, so we aimed toward that and left the rest to the gods.

What do you want HOFFMAN fans to know or recognize about your upcoming EP,
Reflection? How does this single indicate what is in store?

It’s not an EP. “Reflection” is a 10 song LP. It’s a full album. I don’t know that the single indicates anything other than more music on the very near horizon.

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