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No matter their age, women love their makeup. All women enjoy being beautiful and receiving compliments on their appearance.

As we grow older, our skin shows signs of aging. Fortunately, there are many products available that will boost your confidence and make you look stunning. So how can cosmetics for older people look natural, even at 50 or 60 years old? Here’s our complete guide:

The first makeup rule is don’t let cosmetics wear you, wear them instead.

When trying cosmetics, put them on the actual skin areas where they are going to be used. If you have been testing foundation and lipstick on your hands and palms, now is the time to stop. Use the space between your thumb and forefinger because it is a good place to test. Your thumb should be used to test lipsticks because it has the same skin as your lips and will give you a more accurate result.

To best understand the correct coloured foundations for your skin tone, foundations should be examined in daylight. Our favourite ageless make up range RAGEISM Beauty is an all-natural Australian mineral makeup for mature skin.

After you have cleansed the skin, the first step is to apply a primer. This is because a primer helps to even out skin and hold your foundation in place. RAGEISM Beauty makes an Illuminating Primer, the first step to a perfect face. It prepares the face for foundation. It’s a lightweight, Illuminating Primer, formulated especially for mature women. It has a mineral base that improves coverage and helps your foundation last the whole day whilst evening out fine lines. The tinted shade reduces blemishes and balances skin tones whilst it moisturises.

Avoid using powders or heavy cream foundations that produce an artificial mask. Use a lighter, more natural-looking luminous formulation instead. Instead of using a sponge, apply foundation with a brush. It will provide you with superior coverage and results that stay longer.

RAGEISM have formulated an All Day foundation especially for mature skin. It is lightweight but provides fantastic coverage.In addition, it contains skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, camellia leaf extract, and squalene. These superb ingredients work together with your skin to retain moisture and ensure you keep the glow. The minerals in the foundation also capture your skin tone and work with it to ensure that you have the perfect shade and coverage. The minerals adapt to match your complexion, so you can build the coverage up in the areas you require. Your foundation won’t cake or coat the surface of your skin but instead, become a part of it.

Positioning of concealer is a very important step. Apply concealer above the cheekbone rather than just beneath the eye. As a result, any dark circles you may have, will be concealed by the light reflecting up.

Brush your eyebrows down, then lightly draw a line over the top of the brow line before brushing them back up. Use this technique to shape natural eyebrows. RAGEISM Beauty Brow Butter is an excellent choice for perfect full brows. And those fabulous brows give your face structure and strength.Our Brow Butter is designed to both colour and thicken your brows. The classic shade blends with all eyebrow colours and frames the face. Depending on the look you are after, whether bold or subtle, our Brow Butter gives you the versatility to layer the colour for any look.

Apply cream blush to the lips and cheeks or on the apple of your cheek, which is the best place to highlight your smile. After applying makeup, a sponge can be used to tap the entire face. The sponge should be dipped in warm water, squeezed, and then applied to the entire face and neck.

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