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For people who own a home, one of the biggest tasks in home ownership is keeping up with maintenance and deciding what upgrades are best for the house. Since a home is one of the most significant financial investments a person makes in their lifetime, maintaining the value of the investment should be a priority.

In most cases, over the years of homeownership, people love to initiate renovations projects that help define, design and create their home into the place they want it to be for many years into their future. That is why so many homeowners choose to renovate their home over the years with a builder like Gold Coast Builders. With each beautifying home renovation project, homeowners are better able to create their dream home while increasing the value of their home substantially.

While generalized upkeep of a home can maintain the baseline value of the house and add basic appreciation, the value of most homes can be substantially increased through a wide variety of renovations and home improvement projects. The best ones are those that get rid of the old, broken, or dysfunctional aspects of the home or greatly enhance its enjoyment.

There are a wide variety of great renovation projects that will both improve the home and increase its value. Understanding which projects increase value and quality of life in the home can make all the difference in helping to get rid of the home defects and create the perfect dream home.

The Best 15 Home Renovation Projects for Improved Quality Living

• Build a Family Room

• Renovate the Kitchen

• Add a New Bathroom

• Create a Great Room 

• Finish off the Basement

• Create an Outdoor Living Space 

• Build an Addition

• Renovate Existing Bathrooms

• Install New Carpeting

• Install Hardwood Floors

• Create a Custom Yard Sign

• Upgrade the Exterior Siding

• Replace the Windows and Doors

• Add a Garage or Build an Addition to a Garage

• Add Skylights and Fieldstone Fireplace

Build on a Family Room-This is one of the best home improvements that can substantially increase the value and livability of the home. Because a family room is considered the best open span space for people to put entertainment centers, relax and entertain, this can be a vital home improvement. 

In many homes, traditional living rooms are smaller and cannot facilitate the expanded needs of families. By contrast, a family room is a wonderful room that is usually twice the area of a traditional living room. Often these rooms are built with higher ceilings, larger windows, and skylights to give a bright expanded look and feel to the home.

Renovate the Kitchen-This is one of the top renovation projects that many homeowners invest in. Creating a center island and upgrading appliances, counters, and flooring can make a big difference in the look, feel, and functionality of this vital room.

Add a New Bathroom- If you choose to have a renovation project in your home, remodeling and upgrading bathrooms is basically an essential choice if you have less than two bathrooms.. It can also be a vital upgrade for multi-story homes. Most homes should have a half bath in the main living area, a full bathroom near the bedrooms, and a master bathroom. For basement or second-floor bathrooms, an upflush toilet is the ideal bathroom addition for less hassle on installation and to ensure proper flushing even with low water pressure. Using a heavy-duty gray water pump can also enhance the efficiency of your bathroom setup and save you on labor and costs.

Create a Great Room-This is a beautiful home upgrade. A great room is an expanded kitchen that opens into the dining area and possibly the dining and living area. This room should be expansive, with ample room for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

Finish off the Basement-Basement upgrades by a Roanoke handyman are an excellent home improvement investment for almost all homes. Having additional finished living space in the basement changes the dynamics of the entire house and gives new purpose and value to unused basement space.

Create an Outdoor Living Space-This can be one of the most beautiful expanded areas of living space in a home. This has been a European trend for many years that has become one of the biggest new home trends in America. These spaces can be created without building an extensive addition to the structure. 

Outdoor living space traditionally requires the construction of an outdoor covered patio. Many of these are accented with a fieldstone fireplace, indoor-outdoor flooring, electricity, a ceiling fan, and exterior accent lighting. Adding a kitchenette and electric grille can make this one of the most loved spaces to use for entertaining and quiet relaxing time to enjoy a bit of nature. Also, what better way to make your outdoor space the envy of your friends and family than with a built-in pizza oven. Finishing the space with beautiful outdoor furniture will make it the perfect outdoor home living space at half the cost of building a traditional room with much more diversity in use.

Build an Addition-A new addition of a sun-room, den, extra bedroom, first-floor laundry room, or expanding existing rooms is always a wise investment and can make a home much more enjoyable, beautiful, and valuable.

Renovate Existing Bathrooms-Many people who buy older homes find one of the first things they want to improve, or update is the bathrooms. Updated bathrooms can increase their functionality as well as beauty and will increase the value of a home.

Install New Carpeting-Higher grade carpeting can make all the difference in the warmth and comfort of the rooms. Getting good quality stain resistant carpeting is recommended.

Install Hardwood Floors-Hardwood floors are an excellent long-term home investment. Even if a carpet or rug covers part of the floors, they offer the ability to allow the luster and richness of hardwood to be available at the owner’s discretion.

Create a Custom Landscaped Yard-This should be considered almost a standard home improvement. Yards that require less maintenance and add beautification can significantly improve aesthetics and home value.

Upgrade the Exterior Siding-Quality exterior siding is a standard upgrade that can make a home substantially improved aesthetically. This will increase the value of the house, protect the structure, and increase home energy efficiency.

Replace the Windows and Doors-Over time, almost all windows and doors in a home need to be replaced. Like upgrading the siding, installing new quality windows and doors will substantially improve the aesthetics, value, and energy efficiency of a home.

Add an Attached Garage-In most homes, a two-car garage is considered standard. However, for a home that does not have a garage, even a one car garage can be a boost. The value of a new garage can significantly improve the convenience to a homeowner, add storage space, and substantially increase home value.

Add Skylights and Fieldstone Fireplace-While these may be considered a minor improvement, they can make a home feel much more expensive and luxurious. Using quality windows and a quality mason contractor is important to ensure these improvements last for generations.

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