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Allende starts out Russ Hewitt’s new album, Chasing Horizons. Listeners will immediately be drawn into the soundscape Hewitt’s guitar crafts.

The titular track “Chasing Horizon” features Nuno Bettencourt, a decision that provides the single with an additional richness. Together, the guitar, bass and drums combine to render something brilliant. The distinct twists and turns that listeners will experience when they progress through this single will stick with fans long after the song ceases to play.

Vivir Libre’s guest contributor is Marty Friedman (Megadeth); this effort feels even brighter in terms of overall spirit than anything we’ve heard so far on Chasing Horizons. The increasing complxity of the arrangement during the composition’s second half is truly a sight to behold. Fans will have to put this work on repeat to hear each nuance that has been built in.

Amor Perdido has Hewitt change things up. The bit of classical instrumentation incorporated here by the Bucharest All-Star Orchestra imparts a timelessness that makes the song speak to a wide array of listeners.

Cubalia Café is our pick for best track on Chasing Horizons. There’s an eclectic approach adopted this time that separates this track from the rest of the album’s fare. Russ’s ability to both create something out of new cloth while effortlessly working this creative output into the greater fabric of the disc is amazing. Return to Simitai closes up Chasing Horizons. I find it a must-listen as it acts as a way to close things up while providing one with just enough information about where Hewitt may go in the months and years to follow.

Top Tracks: Return to Simitai, Allende, Cubalia Café

Rating: 8.6/10

We covered Hewitt’s last album Cielo Nocturno back in 2017. Visit Hewitt’s Bandcamp to stream songs from the album or to purchase a physical copy.

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