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Have you ever seen a rollover accident in a movie and wondered if it occurs in real life too? Although these accidents are more common in SUVs and pickup trucks, nearly any vehicle can flip over.

Below are the five most common causes of vehicle rollover accidents and what to do if you end up in such fatal cases. Before proceeding, it’s important that you, as a victim, seek professional help to get the deserving compensation. Rollover accident attorneys can help prepare the legal documents, represent you in a court of law, and ensure you win the case.

Rollover incidents can take place due to

Poor Road Conditions

Driving on an unsafe road with many bumps can result in car rollover crashes. Poor weather, ongoing construction in the area, debris, and poor road maintenance are a few things that put you at an increased risk of car crashes.

If the accident occurs because of poor road maintenance, insufficient or extremely dim street lights, or other government-related issues, the government will be held accountable for the accident. You can seek compensation from the government for the damages incurred. However, you need a professional vehicle rollover attorney to represent you.

Driving At a High Speed

Most rollover car crashes are caused by high-speed driving. Although high speed alone doesn’t cause these accidents, it can increase the risk when combined with poor roads. Driving at 55 miles per hour or faster can result in a collision, causing a rollover accident.

Collision With Another Vehicle Or An Object

Your vehicle colliding with another car or a hard object can also increase the risk of it rolling over once or several times. It occurs when the collision makes the vehicle unstable, leading to one side of the car accelerating upward while the other side is stable. Large trucks or cars tend to flip over onto the roof when they hit a rock or other debris. Likewise, hitting a bump or colliding with a truck can cause such accidents.

A Trip Over

Do you know 78% of rollover accidents are caused by driver errors? Experts advise drivers against stopping their vehicle suddenly, as that increases the risk of tripping over. If the car hits a rock or a solid object, it might fly in the air and land on the roof or the side. Potholes are identified as the most common cause of such rollover accidents.

Multi-Vehicle Collision

If multiple cars collide, there’s a chance one of the vehicles might go airborne. The car might also get unstable. Whether the car crashes into the vehicle or rolls over after that depends on the force. If you drive it at a higher-than-recommended speed, there’s a high chance of a rollover accident.


A vehicle in a rollover accident might roll just once or many times, depending on the collision and its severity. The above-mentioned points were the five common causes of vehicle rollover accidents. If you get involved in such an accident and believe it is not your mistake, contact a professional rollover accident attorney to file a case against the driver at fault and seek financial compensation for the damage.

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