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There is nothing that can bring a couple closer together than a bit of excitement. Whether it is a day trip to an amusement park or an exciting excursion, couples can get an exhilarating thrill from a little adventure. For those couples who need a little boost in their relationship, these date night options may help quench the thrill-seeking they desire.  

Local Activities

As more and more people begin to enjoy a little excitement to break up their dull weeks, exciting activities for couples become easier to find. These additions to various towns and cities make date night ideas easier for the more adventurous couples. No longer is the bowling alley the go-to spot for games and fun.

For those who enjoy an intellectual challenge with their excitement, an escape room may be the perfect activity. If a little more risk is needed, a gun range may fit the bill. However, for those wishing to try something new and exciting, axe throwing is the up-and-coming activity to give any thrill-seeker a rush of adrenaline.

Axe throwing has become a very popular activity for both occasional and regular adventurists alike. From regular competitions to competitive leagues, this activity is sure to spice up the weekly date night.

Dining with a Kick

Every date night requires a meal. However, for the adrenaline junky, a fancy restaurant is not going to cut it. Fortunately, there are dining establishments that are ready to meet the challenge. No, the adventure is not the meal itself, but the environment.

The first adventurous dining option is blackout dining. The blackout dining experience allows customers to enjoy a world-class meal completely in the dark. Guests must leave all phones in a locker to ensure they do not wreck the experience. Service is provided by night vision goggle-clad staff who bring the food for customers to enjoy in the pitch-black darkness.

If eating in the dark is not the right adventure, then dining in the sky may be the better option. Couples can still enjoy great food and each other’s company but high above the city. Patrons are seated safely at their tables. The dining room is then hoisted into the sky with a crane. As each person dines, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery far above the chaos of the city.

In to the Wild

There are some types of adventure that can only be found within nature. From hiking treacherous terrains to rafting down the rapids, nature provides the most enjoyable adventures. There are even ways to turn this adventure up a notch or two.

Zip lining is the perfect adventure for any couple. With the increased interest in this fun activity, many parks and nature preserves have added zip lines for guests to enjoy the great outdoors from the sky. Hike up a scenic trail and zip-line back to the bottom. With some zip-lines reaching speeds of over 40 mph, couples are sure to get the thrill they seek.

Weekend Excursions

If wanting a little more thrill for the long weekend, couples can find all the adventure they seek on a trip to Las Vegas. In addition to the gambling establishments and elaborate shows, this city has all the adventure and more.

From zip-lining to hot air balloon rides, if there is an adventure to be had, it can be found in Las Vegas. Couples can experience a day filled with all sorts of thrills. When the day is over, the couple can find comfort in a luxurious hotel room where they can rest and recharge to do it all again the next day.

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