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The Sleaze, the new single from MC Homeless, Mickey Avalon, and Rove, benefits from having two distinctly different rap styles bounccing back and forth with each other. There’s brilliant wordplay and a backing beat that is able to stand up boldly to the bars that are being dropped. The chorus of The Sleaze will have fans bouncing their heads throughout. While inimitable in their own approaches, Homeless and Avalon join together to make something that refines the party-rap of acts like Prof, Twiztid and Dirt Nasty. The numerous samples dropped into The Sleaze keep things shifting and changing from beginning to end, fostering a sort of familiarity from the first second until the effort rides on out.

The Sleaze remix features Awol One and shifts up the sound of the track into something bassier. The booming, churning beat playing at the bottom of Noblonski remix of The Sleaze sets the song up and (for me, at least) ends up making this iteration of the single the strongest on this release. MC Homeless and Rove’s Billy Madison is another crazy track. The delivery on this single is something to behold, while the keys strung through the single’s backing beat will snap listeners to attention. A trio of instrumentals round out this extended play, perfect fodder upon which artists can jump onto and add even more to the oomph that this creative statement provides. Purchase this on vinyl from the Four Finger Distro Bandcamp and you’ll be treated with your own unique colorway through the Eco-Mix process.

We’ve previously covered MC Homeless’s Duress, Pink Unicorns, and interviewed him back in 2007. We previously covered AWOL One’s contributions to Monsieur Leroc’s I’m Not Young But I Need The Money.

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