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Naked and Alive is the latest single from Milky Chance. The song is a slinky piece of alt-pop that will have listeners singing along after the first play. There’s taut instrumentation, charismatic vocals, and a beat that punctuates the track at all the right places. Fans of Interpol and Muse will be able to find shelter here, as Milky Chance carries the standards of 2000s indie quite well here. Naked and Alive’s chorus is bar none one of the catchiest that we have heard so far this year. We’re expecting big things for Milky Chance’s latest song as DJs and influencers will undoubtedly cause it to explode in popularity through the summer.

We checked out Milky Chance’s Living In a Haze,  Love AgainColorado, as well as their cover of Tainted Love.

Milky Chance “Naked And Alive” / 2024 Self Released / 3:37 / / Domain / Instagram / Spotify / Tiktok

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