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“Clubbing on the Moon (Staring at the Sun)” is the latest cut from Pep Rally, who imbues the single with an early-200s alt-pop sound. The clean sound crafted during this single means that listeners will be able to discern each riff and drum hit over the course of the song’s run time. The back and forth between the pair of vocals keeps things bouncing until Pep Rally closes things up. Bar none, this is one of the catchiest efforts we’ve heard so far this year. Clubbing on the Moon is going to remain on high rotation at NeuFutur for the foreseeable future.

We checked Pep Rally back in 2022, writing up a review on their “Turn The Radio Up“.

Pep Rally “Clubbing on the Moon (Staring at the Sun)” / 2024 Self Released / 3:08 / Domain / Facebook / Youtube / Instagram /

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