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You starts out in a contemplative fashion that showcases tremendous emotional depth. The echo placed on Stringz EMB’s vocals jive perfectly with the synths and percussion representing the single’s backing beat. There are multiple layers to the vox on You that ensures the song’s melody will resound with listeners long after the song ceases to play. This song stands boldly out from the rest of music currently garnering social media nand playlist attention. You is a fantastic step forward for Stringz EMB, both building up previous trends and themes encountered in his music and boldly forging out on a new path.

Over the last few years, we have covered Stringz EMB’s Save MeHijackedLights OnPerfect and Beautiful Girl on NeuFutur.

Stringz EMB “You” / 2024 Self Released / 2:36 / Domain / YoutubeFacebook / Instagram /

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