LÅPSLEY announces debut EP on XL Recordings

Over the course of 2014, fast-emerging singer, songwriter and producer Holly ‘Låpsley’ Fletcher has become one of the most hotly tipped new UK artists around. Through beautifully crafted songs such as “Station” and “Painter (Valentine)”, the 18-year old, Southport, England-raised artist has created a unique sonic identity, mixing sparse, minimal electronic production with gorgeous, emotive songwriting. Continue reading

Stoner Fluxx

We have played Fluxx in the past and have really had fun with it. The company looks to change up their subject material to receive the most interest, and Stoner Fluxx is their latest creation. The game runs similarly to a traditional version of Fluxx but differs in terms of the subject matter. This means there are still rules (Keepers, Goals, Actions) or collections of cards that need to be received that will change the overall playstyle or rules of the game. Continue reading

True Blood: The Complete Seventh Season Blu-Ray and Digital HD box set

True Blood is one of HBO’s flagship shows and is a rare example of a drama that maintains its freshness after seven seasons. The ultimate season has been rounded out through the inclusion of a number of more than capable guest and supporting stars making the 10 episodes of the final season extraordinarily easy to watch. In November HBO will be releasing The Complete Seventh Season box set on Blu ray and DVD (along with a full-run box set of the show), making it easy to collect last season of the show and a convenient package. The video quality of this box set is superb with each of the episodes recorded onto disc at the same quality that they were originally shown on HBO. Continue reading

RxGF Any Other Way CD Review

The titular beginning to Any Other Way is a track that ties together Garbage, Atari Teenage Riot, and an earlier, late seventies / early eighties goth sound (Siouxsie and the Banshees, 45 Grave) into something that is instrumentally intense while having a very approachable sound. Flesh and Bone further varies up RxGF’s sound in its inclusion of dual harmonies; the shuffling sound of the synths and drums create an effort that is ready for dance clubs as well as dark bars. The dichotomy that is created between the human and the inorganic is built throughout Any Other Way; The Dying Grace of Machines shifts the balance of RxGF’s sound into a much more instrumental-heavy format. The move towards this sound allows for an effort that is equal parts Nine Inch Nails and Sisters of Mercy, all while the same funky, dark dance sound is issuing forth through the speakers. Continue reading

Monster Manual / 5th Edition

Dungeons & Dragons has been one of my favorite games for over 15 years and the game itself has captured the minds and hearts of fans for over 40 years. The Monster Manual is one of the earliest books that TSR (now owned by Wizards of the Coast) released and it is integral for any Dungeon Master (DM) that wants to utilize a bevy of beasties for their game. The important stats are present in the Monster Manual including hit points, size, weight, and special attacks that they possess. Continue reading