KINGSLAND ROAD Releases Debut in May 2015

With the arrival of UK’s KINGSLAND ROAD and their upcoming debut release WE ARE THE YOUNG on May 5, 2015 via Radikal Records, the trail to mainstream pop is ready to be set ablaze again. Continue reading

Hop Silo Double IPA

Pours with a reddish-gold and a small amount of lacing that works its way down the glass. The beer comes forth with a light floral and hoppy nose, something that will become increasingly prevalent as one begins to sip on the beer. There is a light amount of sweetness that exists at the beginning of each quaff, acting as a refresher for the beer; one will continue to relish the beer as it continues to warm. Hop Silo is able to hide an 8.3% ABV extremely well; there is no astringency to this beer. Continue reading

Angelique Kidjo Releases Album with Luxembourg Philharmonic 3/31

Angélique Kidjo will release a new album, Sings, on March 31 via 429 Records. Produced by Kidjo and husband/long-time production partner Jean Hebrail, Sings showcases Kidjo’s collaboration with the 110-piece Orchestre Philharmonique Du Luxembourg, led by renowned conductor and composer Gast Waltzing. Continue reading

Carly Rae Jepsen Releases I Really Like You

Carly Rae Jepsen premieres her brand-new single “I Really Like You” with a performance on ABC’s Good Morning America today. Continue reading


A perfect session beer, Hayseed has a tremendous flavor profile without having to ratchet up the alcohol content. The saison/farmhouse ale style is flavorful enough to tantalize with hints of pepper present amongst a slight bit of hop bitterness. The beer opens up considerably after warming up for a few minutes, resulting in a different experience altogether. The bitter elements fade into the background while a hint of wit style sweetness comes into focus.

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