Marcato Atlas 150

There is pasta available at a wide variety of supermarkets but there’s a certain satisfaction that can be received when makes their own pasta. Marcato Atlas 150 (around $70-80) is a perfect entry level pasta making machine. The device fits together with great ease ensuring that an individual will easily be able to get it to work. The device is crafted with only the best materials, which means that the Atlas 150 will be working for years to come. The device comes with a number of different pieces to create a wide array of different pasta types. Continue reading

VOMO XL Headphones

We received a pair of the VOMO XL headphones from Western Leaf Electronics, a Canadian company that is looking to make a name for themselves. We were in the need for a pair of headphones and received this effort, which likes to shake what individuals desire from a pair of headphones on its head. The fit of the headphones is very firm and conforms to an individual’s head without pinching or otherwise being annoying, no matter what sort of activities that one may do. We were a big fan of the two way plug for the VOMO XL’s headphone jack cable. This means that if tangled one could go and unplug both parts of the cord, rather than having to untie the cord from itself.

Continue reading

Depend for Men and Women Underwear

Depends have renovated their underwear line to ensure that there is a better fit, better protection, and overall lack of bulkiness from their product line. Depend Underwear are broken into male and female varieties with different amounts of padding to ensure that the greatest protection is provided. The coloration of the pull-ups – grey for males and a peach color for females – is a smart decision as the average underwear is not the white color of most types of pull ups. The company’s underwear padding is very dense, meaning that any sort of accident or other issue whether it be bowel or bladder will be able to be properly captured. Continue reading

Honey Tower Dandy CD Review

Gegen den Strich begins Honey Tower’s latest, and the track immediately kicks things into high gears. A strong, thumping beat and a shuffling sound will immediately get fans on the dance floor; there is a narrative here that is weaved deftly through the track. Continue reading

Ariat Terrain H2O Boots

We were lucky enough to receive a pair of Ariat’s Terrain H2O Boots. We go on a lot of hikes and other outdoor activity, so it was essential to have a really solid pair of boots. The boots are ruggedly designed meaning that one need not replace them for years after purchase. They are fashionable as well meaning that they work in a bar, on hikes, and even on dates and other social interactions. The overall comfort level of the Terrain H2O boots are very high as well. There seems to be an expectation that one purchases a pair of boots that they will be uncomfortable even if they are functional and useful in every other aspect – the Advanced Torque Stability keeps cushioning the foot through any activity or movement that one may do. Terrain boots are able to take everything while being a shade lighter than other heavy-duty boots; this is a marriage of advanced technology and skillful fabrication.  Continue reading