Oneohtrix Point Never Release “I Bite Through It” Single

Oneohtrix Point Never is musician, composer and producer Daniel Lopatin. Active under the moniker since 2007, the new album Garden of Delete is due November 13th, 2015 on Warp Records. Continue reading

Devil’s Reach (Cape May Brewing Company)

Cape May Brewing Company’s Devil’s Reach pours with a hazy, goldenrod to yellow color and a small amount of wispy head that dissipates quickly. There is a small amount of carbonation and a tart nose that issues forth from the beer. A good amount of grain and a sharp alcohol note make for a complex array of flavors; the crispness of the resulting brew is one that will keep individuals interested as they make it further into the brew. The bitter elements do well in providing a refresher for the palette; I feel that the Devil’s Reach offering avoids the issues typically present in Belgian Strong Ales by having this hoppier side present. The sweetness of this Cape May offering is held in perfect balance against a hop-led bitterness and the aforementioned sharper, alcohol-led bite. Continue reading

Giraffe Trajectory CD Review

I Don’t Care is a perfect introduction to fans, as the effort showcases the vibrant side of the act while leaving just enough play for Giraffe to be able to expand upon this first effort. The track blends together traditional and alternative, calling back to The Donnas, The White Stripes and the power-pop of Boston  and Cheap Trick. The deliberate and driving beat of I Don’t Care establishes a quick momentum that dovetails nicely into Come Find Me. The complex time signatures and dense, deep arrangements that open up the composition require listeners to spin the song a number of times before understanding everything that has been put into this three-minute effort. Vocal and instrumental efforts combine to create something greater than the constituent parts as Giraffe makes something alluring and effecting. Continue reading

Animal Collective Releases “Did You See the Words (Live)”

Animal Collective have announced their first live album of a single show, Live at 9:30, taken from their June 12, 2013 show of a sold-out three night run (June 10-12, 2013) at the historic Washington DC venue, 9:30. The release sees them play highlights such as ‘My Girls’, ‘What Would I Want? Sky’, and ‘The Purple Bottle’ from their decade-plus career. Their previous live release, 2002’s Hollinndagain, was a compilation of live recordings from 2001. Continue reading

Monokle’s ‘Rings’ LP joins house & ambient textures

Russian producer — and graduated psychologist —Vlad Kudryavtsev aka Monokle realizes that his home country might not be the epicenter of electronic music but lucky for him, German label Ki Records likes to spread out it’s ears worldwide searching for unique music and producers. That’s how it happened back in 2012, when he released his critically acclaimed Ki Records debut Saints. Marked by distinct influence from his upbringing on early IDM and glitch releases on Warp Records, he was established his voice by weaving in element of ambient and drone for a truly singular debut. Continue reading

Fedd Up – Dark Days EP Review

Lancaster, Ohio’s Fedd Up have released their Dark Days EP, providing listeners with a great introduction to this hard, sludgy rock act. Wild Flower is a track that builds off of Soundgarden, Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity, and Kyuss. The charismatic vocals link up nicely with the guttural intensity of the guitars and punchy, on-point vocals. This introductory single hits on all cylinders, ensuring that listeners are on the edges of their seats; an immaculate production allows the constituent elements the ability to shine alone or as a unitary effort. Continue reading