Bernward Koch Remembering CD Review

“Remembering“ is the introductory track on Bernward Koch’s latest album, and it immediately draws listeners in with touching arrangement, punctual percussive elements, and a collaboration between the distinct elements that creates something much greater than the constituent parts
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Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager (Great Raft Brewing)

Great Raft Brewing has created a black lager in their Reasonably Corrupt that is able to provide further variety than what is typically expected from the style. The beer pours with a mahogany / dark red coloration and possesses a malty nose with slight bits of wheat. The initial sip that one will take of Reasonably Corrupt interlaces a small hop bite with grass and malt flavors, before ending with a barely discernible sweetness. This balance makes it extremely to continue drinking the beer, but this effort’s strength comes in the flavors that begin to become prevalent as Reasonably Corrupt continues to reach room temperature. Continue reading

Born Cages Release “I Just Want The Truth, Baby” Video

Born Cages have premiered their video for “I Just Want The Truth, Baby” today. The single is off the band’s debut album, I’m Glad I’m Not Me, released June 2nd via Washington Square/Razor & Tie.

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Eco Vessel – The Insulated Sippy

The size of The Insulated Sippy would be perfect for daytrips or other short-term activities, while the stainless steel that Eco Vessel has used here ensures that liquids maintain their temperature for quite a few hours. This cup weighs a hair over 5 ounces when empty and will be around a pound when filled, making the handles a good inclusion. The spout utilized by Eco Vessel has been sourced from NUK, meaning that it can go through a good amount of teething and outright biting. As the process to drink has been moderated through the inclusion of this spout, the amount of spills that will occur from the Insulated Sippy are considerably lower than other cups readily available from department stores. Continue reading