Tom Vek Announces US Shows

Tom Vek returned with his third album Luck. Detuned guitars, looped up drums, lackadaisical vocal delivery and orphaned electronic noises all mix together to make up the sound of Luck, out now.  It’s an album full of his typical pseudo-existential sloganeering, offering few answers to the rhetoric questions.  Cautionary tales mix with apparent declarations of vulnerable romanticism, angry warnings and bouts of depression-squashing mantras.  Overall it’s an optimistic atmosphere, melody and grooves over melancholy for melancholy’s sake, and oddly catchy. Continue reading

In Orbit Innerspace EP CD Review

The Innerspace EP is the latest release from In Orbit, and it contains five tracks from this Perth (Australia) band.  Cure is a great introductory track for In Orbit, placing the band firmly in the NWOBHM style of Venom, Mercyful Fate, and early Twisted Sister. The band gets into a groove that would make Suicidal Tendencies and Anthrax proud; In Orbit is able to infuse these traditionally-styled cuts with something vibrant, current, and contemporary. Continue reading

Lutenants Your Rays Review

The tropic feel of this track is bolstered through a lively sound that is infectious enough to keep bouncing around listeners’ heads for months after the initial listen, allowing listeners to have a sunny disposition whenever the track pops up on their iTunes or mp3 player. The production is stellar, ensuring that the cut is ready for pop rotation. Everything is perfectly in place for the first half of the track, while an extended instrumental interlude showcases the overall skill and ability of the backing band. Continue reading