Muay Thai Training – A Perfect Way to Get In Shape

So, you have finally decided to start training some sport and you want to improve your strength, get in shape, learn more about self-control and improve your concentration? Do you find aggressive sports attractive and do you prefer martial arts. Are you looking for a sport that looks like a combination of box, karate and allows practitioners to use almost all kind of punches and kicks? Then Muay Thai training is the perfect option for you! Continue reading

Adventure Time Finn the Human DVD

Adventure Time is still one of the most viewed shows on Cartoon Network and consistently possesses some of the best numbers for any sort of animated show. Cartoon Network has continued to release DVDs of the show on a regular basis and Finn the Human is a fine inclusion to the home video market. The first thing that individuals will see if that Finn’s backpack is provided (a callback to the hat that was a gift in a previous DVD release). This DVD captures 16 of the episodes that represent best Finn’s adventures alongside Jake, his trusty companion.

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Between the Buried and Me confirm shows in Mexico

Between the Buried and Me has confirmed two headlining shows in Mexico for next year. The band will be heading to Guadalajara and Mexico City on the 20th and 21st, respectively. This will be the band’s first time back in Mexico since 2008! Fans south of the border might recall BTBAM‘s show that year in Mexico City with Dream Theater in front of a crowd 10,000 strong. Tickets for February’s shows are on sale now at local ticket outlets. Continue reading

The Dog DVD Review

In a documentary that is equal parts creepy and fascinating, Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren, catch up with John Wojtowicz, the inspiration for the movie Dog Day Afternoon. Wojtowicz was played brilliantly by Al Pacino in the 1975 movie about a Brooklyn man who gets two buddies to help him rob a bank to pay for his boyfriend’s sex change. And as the doc shows, Wojtowicz has been milking the infamy ever since his 1972 arrest, even showing up at the site of the old bank to sign autographs and pose for pictures.  Continue reading

True Blood – Complete Seventh Season DVD

What started out as a brooding, darkly comical, sometimes romantic look at centuries old vampires in modern day rural Louisiana, where clothing almost seemed unnecessary, grew into a universe that included werewolves, werepanthers, fairies and a number of other odd combinations of supernatural creatures. The show started to almost fell apart midway through trying to top the violence and addition of new characters, but covered quite nicely in the last, albeit bloody season. Always smartly written with sly jabs at the religious right and intolerance, True Blood left a trail of blood, body parts and a satisfied audience. Continue reading