Lawson Garrett Language of Love Single Review

Lawson Garrett has created a style of music that is deeply emotive and honest. The rich sounds that issue forth during Language of Love tie together James Taylor and Randy Newman, adding hints of CCR and even blues legends like Ray Charles into the mix. The rich production of this track makes it ready for radio rotation, while there are enough twists and turns here to keep the interest high from beginning to end. Continue reading

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle S/T EP Review

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle’s Double Down Boogie is a track that blends together blues with a down and dirty rock style. The sizzling guitars that open this track will immediately draw listeners in, while the lush production of the track makes this cut ready for rock rotation. There is a certain emotional intensity to this opening composition that requires no vocals; the interplay between the guitars, drums, and bass is more than enough to whet listeners’ appetites. Continue reading

Joe Holywood Casa Blue

Trust Me is a track from Casa Blue, Joe Holywood’s new EP that ties together fifties and sixties crooners, seventies country, and a full compliment of The Smiths to create something wholly unique. Over the course of two and a half minutes, Holywood is able to create a track that will stick with listeners long after Casa Blue has ceased to spin. Take It All In is a high-water mark for Casa Blue, as the soft touch created by the synthesizer and guitars allows Holywood’s vocals to properly shine. Continue reading

Ransom Price Interview

We sat down today with Mike Ransom of Ransom Price. My Kidnap Money is his latest album, and is due out on April 7th. What was the recording process like for the disc?

Ransom Price is essentially a studio project, so we didn’t face the usual deadlines of trying to get an album finished up prior to a tour or anything like that.  Additionally, My Kidnap Money is being released on Unable Records, which I run, and so I didn’t have any pressure from a label or other outside parties.  As a result, the recording process for this album was a lot more relaxed than it otherwise would have been. Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – Straight to Video

Listening to this album was like a nostalgic syringe being shot right into my lower left frontal lobe and I slumped over into a beautiful Columbus lost great shadow. I’m not saying Columbus, Ohio is missing anything short of great musicians but it has been awhile since I have heard a record that hits and cuts so deep. Straight to video is almost perfect from start to finish except for track 3 “Outside my scene” which was oddly enough the only song that was outside of my scene, their was something about it that really didn’t resonate with me. Mostly was the amplified dirty blues scale that was repetitive through out it and the vocals almost seemed unmixed like it was an early track from a previous 7 inch that was put in for filler.

Continue reading

LEX: Electro-Pop Group Premiere First Single “Mystery Boy”

The Los Angeles-based foursome–ALEXIS (vocals, synthesizers), LP (synthesizers), LICIA (bass, synthesizers) and J (drums)–create their modern electro-pop sounds by using all analog vintage synthesizers, and everything is executed live during their performance–with no backing tracks or computers onstage. Continue reading