Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces; Fly; Home; Taking the Long Way

Dixie Chicks Soar with Vinyl Reissues

It didn’t exactly seem so at the time, but the Dixie Chicks were more punk rock than just about any ...
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The Sweetwater Hillbillies Take Me to the Mardi gras

The Sweetwater Hillbillies Take Me to the Mardi Gras CD Review

I'm a Sweetwater Hillbilly is a timeless track that ties together guitars, drums, soulful vocals and flutes. This introductory single ...
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Soles of Passion - Escape from Jurisdiction B

Soles of Passion – Escape from Jurisdiction B

The electronic-infused rock that begins the latest Soles of Passion album "Escape from Jurisdiction B" hearkens back to the halcyon days ...
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Iron Maiden – 2/24 (Sunrise, FL), 4/6 (Chicago, IL)

Back in early October of last year, having just spent the most metal week of my life aboard Motörhead's Motörboat, ...
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Harry's Game - Deborah Henriksson

Deborah Henriksson Makes “Harry’s Game” Her Own

Deborah Henriksson has just released a haunting and beautiful cover version of Clannad's "Harry's Game". Henriksson's ability is enough to unite ...
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Bryan Deister "Spines of the Heart" CD Review

Bryan Deister “Spines of the Heart” CD Review

All That I Have is the opening effort from Bryan Deister’s Spines of the Heart, an intense track that is ...
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Charlie Funk "Give Me A Groove" EP Review

Charlie Funk “Give Me A Groove” EP Review

Give Me A Groove is an eclectic track that will immediately get up people on the dance store. Hints of ...
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Ronjo V "Ronjoism"

Ronjo V “Ronjoism”

Ronjo V’s Ronjoism starts with Un-Friend, an impassioned piece of indie-rock that sparkles with the careful dynamic established by the ...
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Jim Wellman "Dawn to Dusk"

Jim Wellman “Dawn to Dusk” CD Review

Dawn to Dusk begins with Lucy, an effort that links together jazz and funk into a chill package; Judy La ...
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The Magic Lightnin' Boys "Stealin' Thunder" CD Review

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are “Stealin’ Thunder”

Bones immediately sets the stage for the rest of Stealin’ Thunder. This blues feels sunbaked and straight from the bayou ...
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Therapedic TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Therapedic TruCool Side Sleeper Memory Foam Bed Pillow

There are so many pillows that are on the market and these range from $4 all the way up to ...
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Bare Tree Barley Wine Style Weiss Beer

Bare Tree Barley Wine Style Weiss Beer (2015 Vintage)

A number of the previous experiences that NeuFutur had with barleywines were not overly impressive. The beer tasted grainy and ...
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Dandies All Natural Marshmellows

Many times the type and brand of a marshmallow is not considered at all by those looking to purchase a ...
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Ray Goren - "Save My Soul" EP

Ray Goren – “Save My Soul” EP

Stop refreshes The Tubes, Van Halen, and Thin Lizzy into a chunky, funky, second coming of blues-rock bands. By pulling ...
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Athena – Ready for the Sun CD

Athena – Ready for the Sun Part 1 CD Review

You Bring Me Luck is a perfectly-polished bit of pop that has a timeless feel to it; Athena is able ...
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