Okami Fresh and Healthy Wild Alaskan Caught Salmon Bowl

Okami’s Fresh and Healthy Wild Alaskan Caught Salmon Bowl is a frozen meal that looks to go and redefine what one of the frozen meals can do in regards to overall taste and fine quality. This means that the company’s Fresh and Healthy Wild Alaskan Caught Salmon Bowl has a chunk of the fish sitting on top, a generous portion of protein that will stave off ketosis. The bowl also contains heaping amounts of rice and green beans representing a great meal for those on the go. Continue reading

THANATOS launches new track, “Global Purification” 


2014 marks the 30th anniversary of THANATOS and the release of their new album, Global Purification! Containing 10 tracks of exterminating death/thrash metal with razor-sharp riffs, hateful vocals, outspoken lyrics and a clear yet brutal production by Dan Swanö, Global Purification will be unleashed on November 17th via Century Media Records.

For another preview of Global Purification, be sure to check out the previously released track, “Feeding The War Machine”: soundcloud.com/centurymedia/thanatos-feeding-the-war-machine
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Skylar Gudasz – Car Song/Dream Lover 7” (Vinyl)

In just seven brief minutes, spread out over two songs, Durham, NC’s Skylar Gudasz has offered a glimpse at quite possibly the most starkly beautiful vocals to come along since The Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins turned in her Trinity Sessions performance. Continue reading


Two definitions of the word – the first is the everyday presence of our commercial world, where homogenized music is pushed out to the masses through centralized media. The second – in many places, especially simultaneously, defines the evolving world of Jneiro Jarel. Born in Brooklyn, raised in many places, Jneiro Jarel travels the planet (and seemingly beyond) to explore the full meaning of all forms of life. Continue reading