A Secret Revealed Cut To Have a Dream is to be Cursed Video

German Post-Metal band A SECRET REVEALED has released the official video for new track “To Have a Dream is to be Cursed”. Watch the video below the jump and check out this killer band today. Continue reading

Calvin Love Releases Super Future 6/16

After creating a stir with the advance track “Daydream”, Calvin Love has now announced the June 16 release of Super Future and is sharing the second single from the upcoming album. I Wanna Know”, a track that has the new wave crooner yearning for love in a pitch perfect cut of vintage punk rock and future glam, is now available below the jump .
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How to Eat Clean and Healthy on a Budget

Healthy living is something we should all aspire to, but unfortunately a lot of us don’t live healthy lives at all. Millions of people are affected by long-term health problems, many of which could have been prevented by eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise. There is even evidence to suggest that clean eating, or eating only fresh, organic food, can lower our chances of developing cancer. But what happens if you are restricted by a small budget and can’t afford to buy expensive organic fruit and veggies from the local store? Continue reading

Six Organs of Admittance Tour Through Late April / Early May

Ben Chasny has been working on a book based on the very system that birthed his masterpiece of strategic chaos! His book, entitled The Hexadic System, is not simply a manual; it touches on the legacies of ritual magic, combinatorial thinking and the science of music using algorithmic patterns! Now this is all thrilling for you intellectual types, but what of the Suzy Headbangers? Well you’re in luck too; Six Organs of Admittance & Elisa Ambrogio embark on a tour of the Midwest and East Coast next week! Continue reading

Jordy Dazz Releases Disco Nights Single

Revealed veteran Jordy Dazz makes his triumphant return to the label with his latest big room smash ‘Disco Nights’, a worthy follow-up to his 2014 hit ‘Jumbo’ as he bounces back into the scene with a fresh, new groove for the approaching Summer season. Continue reading

Spencer Trappist Ale

The beer pours with an opaque gold / orange coloration and a small amount of persistent head. There is a small amount of lacing as one continues to sip the beer, demarcating the size and time of each of the prior drinks.


The nose of Spencer Trappist Ale links together hints of sugar and citrus fruits with hints of cereal and malt; the first sip of the beer showcases a wide set of flavors that are reminiscent of gingerbread, brown sugar, and cloves. The beer opens up and creates a nectar; the alcohol presence here is tender enough that it provides a little bit of a sharp element with all of the smoother and velvety elements.

Larger pulls off the Spencer Trappist Ale will showcase a different set of flavors for the beer; there are hints of hops, broader malt elements, and a wholly different body than exists when smaller sips are the norm. As the beer continues to warm, there are wholly different flavors that come into prominence; I feel that much of the early sweetness that is experienced when one first drinks Spencer is modified into something much more nuanced and balanced. Tasting Spencer Trappist Ale at a variety of temperatures will provide imbibers with a broad array of experiences; this is a more formidable beer than a great many on the shelves. The Trappist tradition is refreshed through what the brewers of St. Joseph’s Abbey have done here. The beer is simply one of the best that we have experienced this year.

Spencer is the first (and so far, only) Trappist beer that is crafted in the United States. For additional information about the beer, the brewery’s story, and discussion about their unique style of beer glass, the company’s domain is a must-visit.

Rating: 9.4/10
Spencer Trappist Ale / 6.5% ABV / www.spencerbrewery.com