Summit Unchained #17 Harvest Fresh IPA

Summit Brewing has continually looked to innovate with the variety of beers that they release on a regular and rotating basis. One of our favorites that Summit releases is their Unchained beers, which provides the brew masters with ample room to try out a variety of different beer styles that are on the cutting edge of what is possible with beer. That’s IPA is freshly hopped meaning that there is a different array of flavors that is possible than if it was hopped in the traditional style. Continue reading

Real Deal Real Veggie Chips

There are so many different snacking products that are currently on the market that individuals could spend years of their time trying to find the perfect product. We have found one of the most interesting products for snacking quite possibly ever. The Real Deal Real Veggie Chips come in original and sriracha flavors and are cut at a size that is much smaller than an average ship. Chips vaguely resemble the shells from macaroni and cheese. Continue reading

Snails & Antiserum “Wild” remixes out now

Snails & Antiserum have dropped a remix EP for “Wild”, out now via OWSLA. The original track has received support from Skrillex, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis and more throughout the year. The package includes remixes from bass mastermind MUST DIE!, electro expert Far Too Loud, festival mainstay Henry Fong and DMC world champion DJ Craze, plus a VIP remix from Snails & Antiserum themselves.

Catch Snails playing at HARD Day Of The Dead this Satuday at 5:25pm on the Purple Stage, and touring alongside Brillz on his TWONKAHOLICS tour. Continue reading

I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy From Anthrax by Scott Ian

It’s a pretty rare occurrence when the guitar player is the focal point of a band. Yes, Jimmy Paige, Eddie Van Halen and a slew of other gifted six stringers have all received God-like adulation from their fans, but Anthrax is one of those rare instances when you can name check their guitarist, Scott Ian, before the long pause comes as you search around for the name of the singer. Despite, or more likely, because of a revolving door of front men over the band’s three-plus decades existence, from the very beginning, Ian’s impressive chin beard and thick as cream cheese Queens, NY accent, have always been front and center serving as the voice of the band; whether he was talking about the evolution of Thrash metal or riffing on the in-and-outs of 1980s pop culture as a regular guest on VH1’s I Love the … series. Continue reading