A Few Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Do Not Work!

Long distance relationships is a topic that a lot of people often debate about. Whether they work or not, or do they last long or just for a short time, there are many questions that people want to know the answer to. But first, what is a long distance relationship? Long distance relationship is a relationship between two people who live far apart and who don’t see each other often. Some use social media and the internet to keep in touch on a daily business, while others just wait till the next time they see each other. Whatever the case may be, most of the time, they don’t work. Here are a few reasons why long distance relationships do not work!

Limited communication

It’s already pretty obvious that couples who live far apart have limited communication. But they find ways to keep in touch such as texting, chatting online, or even video calling or face timing. But because of the lack of physical contact, communication is not achieved to the full extent. According to Alex Wise, a relationship expert and co-founder of Loveawake dating service, communication can become a burden in the case where one feels too obliged to communicate with the other just because you got used to it. It’s an unhealthy habit and it leads to loss of interest.

Heightened misunderstandings

If you are in a long distance relationship, there will be times when you have to make an effort to keep in contact with each other. On the other hand, your partner might not be putting as much effort as you are putting in. These circumstances causes misunderstandings and miscommunication because of the lack of proper face-to-face confrontation. Misunderstandings will occur and one will think it’s unfair for the other not to put enough effort to keep the relationship going.

Can be costly

Provided that you have your own internet connection and mobile data, you pay a significant amount of money and time in trying to keep in contact with your special someone who lives far away. And if you are the type of person to be spontaneous and visit them, you will be spending money for gas, the trip, food and all of the other expenses that you will make when you go out of town.

Long distance relationships are not as simple as the A,B,Cs. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep it strong. But sometimes, they just don’t seem to work out. But remember that it varies from person to person.

Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Your skin needs the best in order to reveal its best. That means healthy eating habits, lots of water, and the use of quality skincare products. You might add the check mark to all of these items and still make a few mistakes you are not even aware of. 

Skincare-related blunders are not uncommon and taking a wrong step now and then might not cause health problems yet repetitive mistakes might do so. Here are several things you should avoid when it comes to taking care of your skin. 

Using inappropriate skincare

Hasn’t it happened to you to go to a beauty care store and pick a product just because it looked nice and its effects sounded great although not necessarily appropriate for your skin type? This is one of the greatest mistakes as far as taking care of your skin is regarded. 

If you don’t know your skin type, it is best to see your dermatologist to find out more about that as well as about the skincare products that are best suited for your needs. Dry skin requires extra moisture. Get products that were formulated with dry skin in mind and apply them to oily skin and you can imagine the outcome. 

Just like when you go fishing and you need the right gear and accessories like some of the ones found here, it’s the same when it comes to your skincare collection. You need the right products for satisfying results. Therefore, stick to your dermatologist’s recommendation even if it is tempting to try the many products available these days. 

Cleansing too often or using too much product

Many of us tend to think that cleansing more reduces the likelihood of having acne yet that can only make things worse actually. By cleansing too often, the top layer of oil that is found on the skin may be damaged, which can further cause the release of more oil. More oil might lead to blackheads and clogged pores. 

Another common mistake when it comes to skincare routines is the application of too much product. Again, we tend to think that when applying more product, we enjoy better hydration but that’s not the case. For example, face creams and hand lotions should be applied in pea-sized amounts. Whatever is extra is actually a waste of money. 

Wearing makeup when sleeping

It happened at least once to all those wearing makeup. There must have been a party night that depleted your energy and thus made you go to bed straight away when you got home. It might not be dangerous if it happens only once in a blue moon but sleeping with makeup on regularly might lead to serious eye health problems. 

What makes makeup a no-no when sleeping is the fact that it can easily get inside your eyes and from there to eyelid dermatitis or conjunctivitis is just a small step. The thinnest skin in the body is found in the eyelid area, which means that it can easily get inflamed. If you’re simply too tired to do that, you might want to use a wipe to remove the makeup. 

Applying skincare products just right before bed

Yes, there are several skincare rules before you go to bed and, besides removing the makeup, cleansing and hydrating your skin, you must also pay attention to when you do that. Taking these steps right before you go to bed is not recommended since the skin won’t have enough time to absorb the product properly and thus it may end up on your pillow. 

This means that your skin won’t get the hydration it needs and you will also waste much of the product you’ve used. 

Brian Carpenter & the Confessions Release “This Lonely Road”

Here is Brian Carpenter & The Confessions’ music video for “This Lonely Road,” directed by Joshua Black Wilkins in NYC. The song features a traditional Swedith instrumental called the nyckelharpa played by Carla Kihlstedt. During the sessions, Carla got her necklace caught in the instrument and it made an interesting sound so the band decided to use that as a percussion device.Brian-Carpenter-560x560 Continue reading “Brian Carpenter & the Confessions Release “This Lonely Road””

HAMMER FIGHT Sign With Napalm Records

HAMMER FIGHT are a bunch of whiskey-drinkin’, beer guzzlin’ bros who spawned from New Jersey. Today they are pleased to announce their worldwide signing with Napalm Records. HAMMER FIGHT brings a sound that many kids these days may have missed; Hard Rockin’ Metal. Versatile enough to share the stage with the most extreme death metal acts to classic hard rock bands and everything in between, HAMMER FIGHT are ready to make an impression on the today’s heavy music scene.0000253241_10

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Libertalia | It’s not just a band. It’s a nation.

From L’ambassadeur de Libertalia: (RandellYoung.com)…

“In this crazy, mixed-up world where the alleged Land of the Free has the highest incarceration rate of any country, the inhabitants of Prison Planet cry out for some small corner of the earth where health, wealth and happiness might be pursued unburdened by the Dictates of Oligarchs or the Tyranny of the Masses.Optimized-Joni Margaux-Where-liberty-dwells-Libertalia Continue reading “Libertalia | It’s not just a band. It’s a nation.”