FosPower Kids Headphones

Over the course of the last few years, we have received a number of headphones that have been designed for the children’s market. The trend for these products have been to skimp on the product as much as humanely possible, making it difficult for the product to stand up to any sort of normal usage. About a month ago, we received the FosPower Kids Headphones for review. Our daughter (4 years old) has had some serious time trying them out, and we’re pleased to report that they have been able to stand up to some serious wear and tear. The headphones are immediately something that will draw in children – our pair was pink / purple and contained a pair of independently-lighting cat ears.

What we were happiest about is the durable design of these headphones. Our daughter has had the tendency to pick atg anything soft and foam-containing, to the degree that we had to throw away a pair of wireless headphones because she had stripped them to their bare material. FosPower has reinforced the material that contains the foam padding for the headphones, and as a result, they have been able to remain in daily rotation.

The cord for these headphones is sufficiently long to make sure that one can plug them in to a tablet and be able to play games, listen to music, or watch videos without reaching the end of the cord. At $30, these headphones are cheap enough that they can be lost or broken. They have been crafted in a fashion that sheer usage should not be the reason for their downfall. The company even offers a limited lifetime warranty for these, a step above what many other audio firms grant. Check out the attached link to FosPower’s domain for additional information about their headphones. Let us know if you’ve had any opportunity in the past to check these out. We’ll update everyone in a few months with our continued impression about FosPower’s Kids Headphones.

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New technologies for the holiday season

With the holiday season coming up on us with considerable speed, parents and family members alike will have to go out to the local stores and shops to figure out the best gifts. Whether one has to remove themselves from their computer time with the current competitive season of Overwatch, the pressure is already there to put one’s best foot forward as Santa Claus. The games below will suit every child, but the adults deserve to have fun too. When it comes to Christmas, we see a big increase in the online casino industry, especially at countries like New Zealand. If you will ever visit a online casino NZ, you will find out that the amount of visitors raises, there are more players at the live sections and the UI of the website itself, might change specially for Christmas. All of this is done to make sure that the visitors are having fun – as adults deserve it too. Saying that, here are a few new technologies that will get individuals of all ages jazzed up whenever they have a moment to open their bounty.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The one interesting thing is that over the course of the last 16 months, the price of Nintendo’s Switch console has not changed much. It briefly dipped due to a few Black Friday sales, but one would have had to spend about $275 to $300 (plus applicable taxes) throughout the rest of the year to reserve their own device. Over the course of the last year and change, Nintendo has continued to product some stellar titles. Third parties have further increased the number of games that are available for the Switch, ensuring that anyone that does not already have one will be eagerly awaiting one in their stocking this year. With the advent of a cheaper version, the Lite, one can save $100. Just make sure the recipient does not expect to play Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon on the main TV.

Boxy Girls

As long-time readers of NeuFutur know, we have a young daughter that is able to pick up on trends due to a number of Youtubers promoting different toys. Boxy Girls are the latest craze; children below the age of 10 or so will love picking up the wide variety of dolls in the line to ensure they can collect them all. Luckily for us, it seems like the toys are fairly numerous and can be purchased without having to go to the stores. Be aware though that these little dolls cost a pretty penny. Every bit of ease one has by being able to get the dolls delivered straight to their house is countered by the sheer amount of dosh one will need to drop to make a truly stunning holiday gift.

Final Thoughts

It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to the sort of gifts that you purchase for your children or extended relations. Make sure to listen to what kids have to say. Check out their wishlists and the old standbys of circled toys in circulars and Amazon catalogs (yes, they are a thing). Follow those instructions and one will make the end of the year memorable as all get out.

Something for the kids (and adults): Children’s Museum of Denver

Before we moved to Arkansas, we were fortunate enough to stop by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Our daughter was a little bit on the young side at that point, so she was unable to properly get into some of the exhibits. While she was a bit older for our visit to the Little Rock Museum of Discovery, there were still a few things that she was unable to enjoy. Fast-forward a few months, and we were invited to check out the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus.

Continue reading “Something for the kids (and adults): Children’s Museum of Denver”

Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX)

Over the course of the last decade, the wife and I have made it a point to check out the natural history museums in any sort of location we are actively visiting. This means that we have been to natural history museums in places like Buffalo and Cleveland that could use a bit of updating. We had just moved down to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and were fortunate enough to be invited to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The museum is incredibly well kept up and contains a number of attractions through its five floors that will keep individuals of all ages interested. The division of the floors into different segments of science ensures that one will keep their interest level high from beginning to end. The natural history floor which will be most attendee’s first experience with the Perot showcases the sheer amount of different animals and plants that are available. Continue reading “Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX)”

Legoland Discovery Center (Dallas/Fort Worth)

Long-time readers of NeuFutur will know that we have moved down from  Ohio to Arkansas in the last few months. After settling in to our new city, we decided to go to the Dallas area for some much-needed rest and relaxation. As a couple with a two-year-old daughter, the amount of attractions that we can visit is fairly limited. We found out that Lego had an attract – the Legoland Discovery Center – that is located in the Grapevine Mills mall. Continue reading “Legoland Discovery Center (Dallas/Fort Worth)”

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

We had our first long, multi-day trips out with our daughter in late August and had a tremendous time while doing so. The Oglebay Resort catered to her every whim while we went to Primanti Brothers down on the Strip. Before we left the area we stopped by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh; the museum is located close to PNC Park and is an easy destination to get to if you are lodging anywhere near the Pittsburgh downtown area. Continue reading “Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh”

Richell’s Convertible Elite Gate Works Well for Childcare

The one thing that we have started to realize with our daughter is that she is increasingly mobile and annoyed by the fact that she is constrained in a small place like a pack and play whatever she is placed within. At 18 months, it became essential to go and change up how we ensure she was safe on a day-to-day basis. We were able to use the six panel Convertible Elite Pet Gate to go and give her a bit more breathing room while not allowing her to get in to everything that we own. The process by which the gate is placed up is incredibly simple using few in the way of parts; one could easily put together the product without even having the instructions. Continue reading “Richell’s Convertible Elite Gate Works Well for Childcare”

Fairy Tales Shampoo a must for toddlers

We have gotten to the point with our daughter that she needs a bath everyday. Gone are the days where she may not get into everything. As a toddler, she roams around the house and finds dirt and grime that we had forgotten about. It becomes important to find cleaning supplies that will allow for our child to be clean without causing anything in the way of tears or heartache. Fairy Tales is a shampoo and conditioner that really gets into a child’s hair, especially important on those days where stickiness and overall grossness are the norm rather than the exception.  Continue reading “Fairy Tales Shampoo a must for toddlers”

Goodness Knows

There is a new sort a snack that is available for those individuals attempting to stay on a diet or to remove other harmful sorts of sweets from their daily routine. The ability to use fruit as a sweetening agent is something that a lot of confectioners and candy companies forget is a possibility but Goodness Knows uses the sweet elements of fruits to go and create a delectable bar. Continue reading “Goodness Knows”

Diono Radian R100 All-In-One Convertible Car Seat

The biggest issue that we have experienced when it comes to finding the perfect car seat for our child has to concern the balance between protection and form. We have reviewed a number of car seats that are heavy and unwieldy to the point that it becomes difficult too readily move the seat between cars. On a similar note we have also covered car seats that seem to skimp on the overall amounts of safety that they provide. We received the Radian R100 for review and think we have found the perfect balance of safety and ease of use. Continue reading “Diono Radian R100 All-In-One Convertible Car Seat”