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Indican has gotten the rights to distribute Only The Brave, a simply fantastic low-budget war flick that is simply surprising in terms of quality. Only The Brave goes into illuminating detail about the Japanese-American 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, a volunteer organization that laid their lives on the line for a government that would much rather keep them behind bars. 1400 individuals suited up to combat a group of forces that would contain some of their countrymen.

Ultimately, this group was commissioned to Northern Italy and Africa, where they were extremely successful. The film’s script was written by Lane Nishikawa (When We Were Warriors, Forgotten Valor), and surrounds one specific event in the 100th/442nd’s history – the incredibly dangerous rescue mission of a Texas battalion. The tension of this mission is shown quite well through the cast, which includes a veritable who’s who of veteran and new actors. Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), Mark Dacascos (the chairman on Iron Chef), and Greg Watanabe (Watch Over Me) save the lost battalion of Guy Ecker (Las Vegas) and Jeff Fahey (One Life To Live).

The film’s transfer is sufficiently sharp to allow all the nuances to be shown, while vocals and ambient noises are distinct from each other. With all cylinders hitting, Only The Brave is a great war film that goes into detail about a side of World War II that has never truly been shown. If you would like a compelling film that stays close to history, pick up a copy of Only The Brave.

Rating: 8.0/10

Only The Brave (DVD) / 2009 Indican / 99 Minutes / /

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