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Morningblind is a duo that is comprised of Richard Hayden and Sandra Bossy Retti. The EP begins with The Spring, a track that immediately showcases the dynamic between the two. There is a rich narrative that is weaved through this introductory effort, with all of the passion and emotion of a play. The track is hard to categorize; the guitar work draws on a classical style while Sandra’s vocals build off of the framework of performers like Joni Mitchell and Nico (Velvet Underground), with hints of Karen Carpenter and Mama Cass present before the track ceases.

Apocalypse Later is another interesting effort as the guitar work draws nicely from the nineties/oughts alternative of acts like Radiohead and an earlier rock (Neil Young) style , while Sandra’s vocals add a timeless air to the composition. Morningblind is one of those rare acts that the constituent elements create something much greater when added together

Give Me a Lover is a high-water mark for The Spring. There is an organic sound to this sound that would make it just as fitting in 1917 as it is today. Morningblind comes forth boldly by drawing on a rich musical tradition that can be traced back decades; A Girl in a Hat Like That is another example. Sandra’s vocals and guitars are given further depth here by the contributions of Santi Mendez; this sunnier sound is a fantastic way to end an album. Few artists can create an engrossing effort that is as strong at the end as it was at the beginning; The Spring is a must-listen release for any fan of intricate and deep music.

Top Tracks: Give Me a Lover, A Girl in a Hat Like That

Rating: 8.8/10

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