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We’ve had a few moments to dig in to DJ NoMis’ music and pick his brain about his influences and overall reasons for creating music, but we felt as if NeuFutur readers were missing pieces of the performer’s back story. This larticle begins in 2016, when DJ NoMis took the initiative to create music and established his company, 2020 Sound. In the years since, DJ NoMis has continually refined and evolved his sound.

The one thing that has been consistent in these following months has been DJ NoMis’ quality. Listeners were regularly introduced in 2017 to a variety of tracks that used additional talent (Loving On You, which featured Danielle Marie, Dream of Life, which featured Jon Thomas, and even Other Minds, which featured Shoshana Mazer). The gradual shift away from the features indicates (at least to us) a greater overall confidence for the performer. The arrangements released in 2018 indicate this; songs like NoMis’ When We Were Young cover and his latest single, Entourage provide fans with a much deeper appreciation of the artists. I feel that each period is important for fans to focus on, as it does provide a window to understand what is precisely going on with DJ NoMis while keeping listeners’ heads nodding from the beginning to the end of each cut.

Check out our previous coverage of DJ NoMis’ stuff, including the aforementioned interview and our review of his release On Track. For additional news and updates from DJ NoMis, make it a point to add his social media profiles. We made a point to add his Soundcloud to the mix of our regular visits as there are a number of tracks there with the body of work continually being updated. Let us know below the story what you think of singles like Entourage, On Track, or Found A Way.

The “Back To You” EP is coming out on February 23. 2018. Below is the track list:

1. Hide & Seek
2. Back To You (feat. Danielle Marie & Ari Lauchenaur)
3. The Day We Meet (feat. Danny Kornblum & Geriel)
4. Loving On You (feat. Danielle Marie)
5. On Track
6. Best One of All (feat. Dan Kee)
7. Supreme
8. Feel It Again (feat. Dan Kee)

DJ NoMis Feature / Soundcloud / Instagram

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