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A healthy lifestyle does not require an exclusive diet of salad leaves or several hours of training everyday at the gym. It involves making simple and effective healthy choices that are easy to manage in your daily life.

An important step towards a healthier lifestyle is the healthy changes that you make each day, from reducing smoking and drinking an extra glass of water to increasing fruit intake and taking the stairs rather than elevators. The fundamentals of healthy living include healthy lifestyle choices, healthy eating and regular exercise.

Staying Active

It is essential to keep your body moving as much as you can. While a regular set of exercise sessions is highly beneficial for your daily routine, calories can be burnt in a variety of ways.

  • Walk to another person’s desk instead of sending them an email.
  • Park far away from the building so that you can walk a longer distance.
  • Use the stairs more frequently.
  • Gardening and house cleaning.
  • Go for bike rides with the children instead of spending all your free time watching TV.
  • Take the dog for a walk.

Avoiding Sedentary Lifestyles

People spend a substantial amount of their lives sitting at their desks, on the phone, in meetings and in front of the television. All this sitting poses serious health risks and it is advisable to take breaks by standing for a few minutes.

Every effort you make to become healthier counts and will add up towards burning more calories. If you are trying to reach a healthy weight or are overweight, you can make small adjustments to your daily exercise sessions. Healthy and gradual weight loss can improve your wellbeing and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.  Learn more about Slush eLiquid here.

Fueling the Electronic Cigarette

eLiquid refers to the fluid that serves the purpose of fueling electronic cigarettes. It provides both the flavoring and nicotine solution in an electronic cigarette. It works by creating the vapor you exhale and mimic the conventional smoke that is emitted by analogue cigarettes.

Flavors and Strengths

There are various flavors to choose from along with the option of products that contain nicotine or are nicotine free. Vaping eLiquids are also offered in a variety of strengths that range from no nicotine to higher nicotine levels.


Base ingredients are used in eLiquids to create a smooth and distinct flavor. The base may contain vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol or both. Many eLiquids consist of a mixture that can be combined with artificial or natural flavors like apple or vanilla that create satisfying and unique recipes.

  • Propylene glycol is typically used as an additive in different types of medicines, as a food coloring ingredient and as a carrier of flavor in food products.
  • A base that contains a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is smoother than a base that only consists of PG. Propylene glycol is safe and non-toxic.
  • Vegetable glycerin refers to a vegetable based liquid that is thick and sweet.
  • A base that solely contains VG tends to be extremely thick and difficult to smoke effectively. This is why a blend of ingredients is often recommended.

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