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When it comes to bending sheet metal, we basically have two different types of machines to choose from, namely the CNC folder and the press brake. Making a choice between the two can be quite difficult though, which is why Empire Machinery has even done a comparative study between CNC folders and press brakes, given that it’s often a matter of confusion for business owners. Go through it first, and if you find yourself leaning towards the CNC folder, we have the pros and cons of this sophisticated machine listed below for you.

Pro: Perfect for Finer Tasks

When you are trying to bend polished, coated or otherwise sensitive metal sheets, the CNC folder is by far the best option. They are specialized in bending thin sheet metal with the necessary care required.

Con: Limited in Its Capacity to Handle Metal Thickness

The very fact that CNC folders can handle the more delicate bending tasks and without damaging the sheet’s coating or polish is also what makes the machine limited in its ability to handle metal thickness. In other words, if you are planning to purchase one, you should be doing so for bending thin sheets of sensitive metal, as that’s what CNC folders are meant to handle.

Pro: Low Labor Cost

Only one employee is sufficient labor to operate the regular CNC folder, while two workers are necessary for operating the standard press brake. Given that this halves the labor costs associated with using CNC folders for metal bending, the benefit is quite obvious and immediate.

Con: Limited as a Tool

Unfortunately, CNC folders also can’t be modified like the press brake to handle different kinds of tooling tasks. It lacks versatility in that respect.

Pro: Power-Efficient and Fast

As long as the metal sheet in question isn’t thicker than what the CNC folder is meant to handle, the machine can be both power-efficient and time-efficient. You just cannot hope to get as much work done with a press brake as you can with the CNC folder if you are dealing with thin metal sheets.

As a matter of fact, workers will find that press brakes are quite inappropriately designed to handle large and thin pieces of sheet metal.

Pro: Reduced Workplace Injuries

While accidents can happen with any industrial tool or machine, the occurrence of such unfortunate incidents happening with a press brake is much higher. The CNC folder doesn’t put the worker in harm’s way as much by its very design.

CNC folders use a pinch method, which makes any sheet folded by the machine a lot more accurate in its final dimensions. This is why CNC folders are preferred in the HVAC and roofing industries because they require that accuracy to make their products. At the end of the day, it comes down to the kind of business you have and the thickness of the metal sheets which will need to be bent in the facility.

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