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Online casinos use several different terms for their bonuses and it is sometimes difficult to understand what they mean. That is why I have included several conditions in this list so you can find what you need.

What is free spin?

“Free rotation” is free rotation on a slot machine. This free spin comes in two variants that can spin for free without a deposit and the “free spin” that you get when you make a deposit. For both variations, online casinos use the same terms, so it’s important to check whether you will receive your free round, you must make a deposit first. With the first deposit bonus, you always get the full amount of the free round, regardless of the amount of your deposit. So, you can deposit a minimum amount and get a total free round.

Sometimes you can use free spins on certain slot machines, but you can usually bet anywhere. When I find a free bonus round, I always enter all this information in detail here. Usually, you get an excellent number of free rounds along with your first deposit bonus, but casinos usually give more free rounds to their regular customers. It can spin for free with or without a deposit.

What is a deposit bonus?

With a deposit bonus, you must make a deposit to receive your bonus. This deposit bonus is very common in casinos, one of the most popular ones is Joy casino bonus, and if you are a regular customer, that is, registered in the casino, you can expect a bonus almost every week. There is a greater variation than the deposit bonus. The first deposit bonus, the one that comes after you register + the first deposit, is the best known and generally the best deposit bonus that you can receive.

What is the first deposit bonus?

The first deposit bonus is a bonus that new customers receive immediately after they first deposit to the casino. This bonus is also called a welcome bonus, but you need to know what a welcome bonus really is to identify it. That’s why many casinos and casino sites talk about welcome bonuses, but actually released bonus packages, all for new online gamblers. The first bonus is always the best and the bonuses that come later are not so many. I always write only about the first deposit bonus. That’s what I think is fairer than you believe you can get a $ 1,000 bonus when in fact you only get $ 100 on your first deposit.

What is a casino welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus is the first bonus you get when you enter an online casino, but this term is often used to refer to the entire “jackpot” of bonuses that you will receive later. I always use the term “welcome bonus” but you may have noticed that I only refer to the first bonus, the bonus that comes with your first deposit, not to the refill bonus that comes after that. We will talk more about them, but the refill bonuses are lower than the first deposit bonus, so I don’t usually care much about them.

What is a friend bonus?

With a friend bonus, in some casinos you get a bonus if you invite your friends to play in the same casino. This friend bonus comes with several conditions, of course! Friends that you invite must first make a deposit and bet money before receiving a bonus. This, of course, prevents you from creating your own account and making lots of money with only one bonus when it has to work for both parties.

Online casinos offer more bonuses compared to conventional casinos. This is one of the reasons why the global gambling world is now dominated by online platforms.

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