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If you are 65 years and above and consider to age in place, it can be a smart move if only you do some smart planning well ahead of time and have a smart home. Designing a smart home to age peacefully and safely in does not mean you will need to invest thousands of dollars in it. Once again, it requires a smart planning and a little bit of research.

There are lots of technologies available out there that you can integrate in your home décor and security systems that are smart and at the same time affordable. For example, if you install smart activity sensors in your home, you will be able to:

  • Track movements and even
  • Set up the alerts.

This will ensure that a proper person or your loved one is notified in case there is any untoward incident occurred within the premise.

Your bedroom is another important place where you can and should make some changes for your comfort and safety while you age in your home.

  • You can use adjustable beds and mattresses if you are prone and suffer from pains as these will provide you with the necessary comfort as well as reduce the symptoms of many pains.
  • You can also change your bed and have a firm bed with memory foam mattress in case you are suffering from arthritis. This will provide you with a lot of comfort while you are sleeping.

On the other hand, if you suffer from conditions like sleep apnea, circulation and acid reflux, you can try out an adjustable base bed frame to improve the conditions significantly.

For more such tips and suggestions to make your home suitable for aging you can consult different home renovators and contractors who specialize in this specific area of constriction. You may also think seriously on visiting the philadelphia corporation for aging to get some valuable tips and gain some more useful insights.

Use of smart home technology

You can also use the traditional or even the more sophisticated and innovative latest smart home technologies to make your home suitable for aging, if your budget provides, that is. Ideally, there is a technology boom noticed for seniors and aging in place and these are not limited to the market that focusses on older living. Instead, you will find that there is a large number of advanced technologies that are up and coming in the market.

  • These technologies make the homes to be used effectively, efficiently, safely and securely for the ever-rising aging-in-place populace.
  • The most unique thing about these technologies is that it makes most of the devices operable through different applications on a smart phone.

Though there may be an insignificant learning curve in order to use these devices, practically these technologies should be utilized and embraced by the seniors more and more to enhance their endeavor of aging in place.

Specific and common technologies and devices that you can contemplate on using in your home to make it a smart home include:

In addition to that you can also use smart personal assistance devices and Internet of Things such as:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home and others.

These devices have useful features that will help you in performing your daily activities more easily and efficiently. For example, you can even set reminders to take your medications on these devices so that you do not miss out on any and complicate the situation even more.

Usefulness of the technologies

All these emerging technologies are good enough and come in different price packages so that it will not only retrofit around your existing décor and finishes in your home but will also it in your budget, given the fact that you will now live on a fixed income.

These technologies will help you to create a home that has:

  • More comfortable living environment and
  • Reduced amount of risk probabilities.

This will in turn ensure a complete peace in your mind.

Yes, these technologies are ever evolving but that is for the better as the population that continues to age will find these technologies more important than ever.

As for the market, these emerging technologies will be directly applicable to almost every single layer of it simply due to the demand for aging in place is rising and the costs involved are fairly high in bringing in some of the biggest changes in the homes as well as in the living conditions.

Cost of staying at home and age

When you stay in your home and age it is not that you will perpetually bed able to stay alone and look after yourself as well as perform all your daily activities.  Over time, it is highly likely that you will need help from others and even need to hire professionals to do things that you will no longer be able to do such as:

  • Doing the necessary repairs
  • Cleaning and doing the laundry
  • Cooking your meals and even
  • Bathing, eating and dressing up.

You will need personal assistance for such jobs when you age and this will increase the cost of staying and aging in your home. Of course, you will have to add to that the real estate taxes that seems to show no signs of slowing down and keeps on rising with each passing year.

That means, when you decide to stay in your home and age, you will need to seriously consider the cost factor that is highly likely to increase over time. Therefore, if you find that it is economical to stay in your home as of now, it might not be the same a couple of years down the road when you age.

Therefore, be advised that you should consider all the factors involved in staying and aging in your home so that you take an educated decision make your aging in place really cost-effective, happy and peaceful as many people initially presume it to be.

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