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Wrist watches is one of the oldest yet elegant and decent accessories for both men and women. Even in the modern world, the invention of smartphones and other technologies could not replace the worth of a wrist watch. A wrist watch not only completes your look, but also add professionalism, class and charm to your personality.

As there is never ending demand of wrist watches, today there are a number of brands that sell various kinds of wrist watches. These brands are known for selling watches for both men and women. But how do you select the right brand and perfect watch for your wrist? Here is a guide to help you select the best watch brand for yourself. If you already have a type of watch in mind, you can check for excellent watch reviews on Spot The Watch to get you guided on your purchase. They will help you find the best watch suitable to your style and budget.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Watch

Just like any other product, there are also certain factors which you need to look before buying a watch. These factors include:

Type Of The Watch:

Wrist watches comes in two major types, the digital or analogue. Each watch type has its own uses and benefits. Digital watches are more like smartphones and displays large digits on the watch’s screen.On the other hand, analogue watches are more old fashioned with traditional needles and roman numbers/digits around the watch. Though digital watches are easy to read and has more features, analogue watches are less complicated. Hence before buying a watch make sure that what type you need.


The second most important factor that helps you to select the right watch for you is its material. Watches are manufactured in canvas, gold, silver, platinum or leather material.

Water Resistance:

Many watch brands have used such material in their wrist watches that is water resistant. It means that you can keep wearing your watch even if its raining outside, without worrying about that it would get damaged or rusted. But one thing that you must know is that not all watches are water resistant.

Dial Size and Style:

A dial is the case and outer face of the watch in which you could actually see the time. Different watches have different dial sizes and styles. Some have round and big dials while some have square and small dials. You need to choose the one that looks good on your wrist.


The price of the watch is based on many factors such as its material, brand, features, whether its water resistance or analogue/digital and many more. Rolex, Omega etc are one of the most expensive brands. Similarly the cheapest watch based on its material is the one made with canvas.


There is no doubt that there is a plethora of wrist watches in the market. And each wrist watch brands offers something different and unique than the other. But some brands are highly expensive while some are affordable and cheap. Regardless of what watch you prefer, if you are looking for branded watches with good quality and reasonable prices then visit here. Here you can find almost all the watch brands and you can shop without worrying about the quality.

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