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Substance abuse is one of the considerable challenges in the US. People consume drugs and alcohol, believing these will solve their problems while forgetting that these things can lead to another severe problem. Plus, these addictions not only damage the health and personal relationships but the person’s image in the community and his overall environment also. If you get caught up in this cycle, you can come out of it only with the help of well-designed drug rehabilitation centers in Texas and willingness to improve.

Overuse of natural or illegal opioids, depressants, stimulants, and such other things are quite common among people. If you look at the statistics of 2013 released by Drug addiction Atlanta, you will know that about 22.7 million Americans faced drug or alcohol abuse. About 2.5 million had to visit specialty facilities for addiction treatment.   In 2014, the cases of illicit drug abuse were higher among children aged 12 or more. Now, the question is what makes people consume drugs?

Why do people take drugs?

There can be plenty of reasons why people start using these substances. But for sure, nobody wants a dependency on them. The continuous intake of the drugs can create an impact on the brain of the abuser by releasing an extra amount of happy chemicals. The sense of pleasure from the substance can eventually affect the brain in a way that the person begins to experience cravings. Ultimately, the person loses control and feels compelled to take the doses. Other than that, there can be certain biological and environmental factors also.

For example, parental neglect or unhealthy family atmosphere can drive a kid to explore drugs. Adolescents and teens can walk this path under peer pressure. Besides, genetics, mental health, and some medical conditions can also be responsible for this.

No matter why you are in this situation, a proper rehabilitation program can help restore your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. For help, you can visit The Holistic Sanctuary once. The drug rehabilitation center uses several techniques and activities to help drug and alcohol abusers.

What are the signs of drug misuse?

Different drugs can produce different effects on the person. Some might even take time to create any visible impact. Then, there can be cases where identifying addiction becomes a challenge due to the overlap with normal behavior. Nevertheless, nose sores and needle marks can be the potential hints.

Generally speaking, substance abuse can bring about some common behavioral and physical changes in the person. Withdrawal symptoms, violent mood swings, abrupt changes in energy level, and growing distance from family and friends can be some of the warning signs of behavioral changes caused by substance abuse. On the physical level, the person can feel nauseous, drowsy, anxious, depressed, etc. His speech can be indistinct, and his eyes red and twitching. He can hallucinate or develop paranoia too.

To be able to detect these issues can be your first step towards healing and recovery. However, make sure you go for professional care and treatment to get back to a healthy life.

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