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Everyone should plan ahead for their retirement so that they can make the most of these special years. After spending so long getting up early each day and going into work, retirement should be much more relaxing and allow you to do exactly what you want to do. For many people, this involves moving somewhere new and leading a life of leisure. There are lots of excellent places where you could retire, but it will all depend on your personal preferences. Here are a few places that should get the ball rolling and help you to think about what you want from your retirement.


France is a beautiful country and one which many people retire to when the time comes, and it is easy to see why. France has some of the best cities in all of Europe, but it also has stunning countryside, so you have the best of both worlds. The weather can be lovely during Spring and Summer when you can simply lounge around by the pool and soak up the sun in your countryside chateau.


Many Americans head south to Florida once they retire, and this can be a smart move to make. It is obviously much easier than moving abroad, but you can also get superb weather all year round. Additionally, there are many great cities to consider for your retirement home and many highlights found throughout the state.


Continuing further south is Panama – another popular destination for retirees. You can enjoy year-round warmth and sunshine as it is so close to the equator, plus you also have the fabulous Panama City, which is the only true First World City in Central America. It is also a beautiful country and one which can be easy to adjust to because there are many English speakers, and they use the US dollar as currency.


Spain is a gorgeous European country that has a lovely climate, cultural cities, stunning nature and a relaxed way of life, which is ideal for those who have just finished their careers. Luxury villas in Marbella provide the perfect setting for your retirement as you are located on the Costa del Sol, which has fantastic beaches and a strong sense of community, but there are also amazing villas which anyone would love to call home.


Those seeking somewhere completely different to enjoy their retirement should consider Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has peaceful islands, idyllic beaches, tropical rainforests and much more, plus this is somewhere which can be an affordable place to live, so you can lead a good lifestyle here as you make the most of these special years.

There are many wonderful places all over the globe that are ideal for retirement, but these are a few of the best and most popular spots. Many people want to move when they finish their career so that they can enjoy their retirement and start a new chapter in their life. It will come down to personal preference, the amount of money you have to work with and your situation, but the above are all excellent places that are worth considering.

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