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Business trips can either be exhausting, or they can be an opportunity to see the world. Don’t let a long workday drain your adventurous spirit. There is so much to do, see, and explore when you travel, and there are many tips and tricks you can follow to save your energy throughout the day so you can spend your downtime on yourself.

Perfect the balance of work and personal time on a business trip once and for all and follow this guide to make it happen:

Take Personal Time at the Start or End of the Trip to Extend Your Stay

If you have vacation days and have the savings to cover your own accommodation and transportation back home, then petition to take some time off before or after the work trip begins. You likely won’t want to do this for every destination, but if you really wanted to visit beforehand, then take some time to see it!

Have a Home-Kit to Personalize Your Hotel Room

Chances are the hotel room your employer books for you will look very standard, so make it home. Photos with your loved ones, slippers and a bathrobe from home, and other creature comforts like these can work to make a sterile hotel room really feel like yours.

Follow Guides That Focus on Experiences Rather than Sights

We all look to guides to give us a sense of what there is to do and what we should go to see on a trip. When on a business trip, an excellent way to see and experience a city while competing with a day’s worth of work is to stick with 24 to 48-hour guides, especially if they focus on more than just the tourist hotspots. This 48 hours in Glasgow guide, for example, takes you through the best dining experiences as well as some quirky activities that can be fitted in during a busy business trip to the city.

Bond With Your Co-Workers During Your Down Time

You’ve planned a trip for yourself after hours of work, and if going solo isn’t your idea of fun, then invite your co-workers along with you. Do this one-on-one or as a group depending on what you want to do and bond with them as friends.

Ensure You Get a Full 8 Hours of Sleep

Though the obvious solution to see more on a work trip is to spend as much of your free time as possible out and about, this isn’t how you will best enjoy your trip. Ensure you get a full eight hours of sleep, so you have time to rest and recuperate properly. Do this, and you will actually have energy at the end of the workday to enjoy going out afterwards.

Find Places to Relax That Aren’t Your Hotel Room

Downtime doesn’t mean your hotel room. If there is a park nearby that is peaceful, then stay there for an hour or so while you read. There are so many tranquil places in any city you visit, so find them and relax in a calm environment. Just make sure you leave your hotel room!

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