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Once a quiet fishing village, Saint Tropez is now a playground for the rich and famous who go to enjoy the perfect weather, glamourous night life, sapphire seas and beautiful beaches.  All this makes Saint Tropez one of the most expensive holiday destinations, however, with a little local knowledge, it is possible for families to soak up all that the area has to offer without blowing the budget.

Head to One of The Public Beaches

Give the expensive beach clubs a miss and head down to one of Saint Tropez’s stunning public beaches.  While the serious money will all flock to the likes of Pampelonne, this is not necessarily the best beach but rather more of a place to be seen. It is packed with bars, restaurants and clubs that will leave you gasping at the sky-high prices. Alternatively, the public beaches such as the Plage des Graniers are more secluded and low key and still offer you a wonderful spot for relaxing by the sea.

Find the Restaurants the Locals Go To

And by locals we don’t mean Hollywood imports, but rather the people who spend the entire year living here and don’t necessarily have a small fortune to spend on a meal out. Budget restaurants offering classic French food at realistic prices are available, it’s just a matter of searching them out. Creperies, cafes, and tapas bars can all be found at reasonable prices or for a more substantial affair, you can head out of town to one of the quaint villages nearby to enjoy good local food at reasonable prices. 

Stay Out of Town

Consider finding your accommodation out of the main town to bring the price down.  The cost of accommodation in Saint Tropez itself is enough to make your eyes water, but outside of the town are plenty of villas where you can decamp and escape the soaring prices. You will find villas that will please the most discerning members of your group and their personalised holidays service will give you all the accommodation options you could wish for.

Hit the Markets for Local Produce

Visiting the open-air markets is not only a great way to browse goods for the shoppers among your party but is also a fantastic place to pick up great local produce to take back to your villa for meals. Bread, cheese, sausages, fruit and vegetables can all be found here but you need to head down early if you’re going to beat the locals and secure the best produce. 

Prices are reflective of market prices as opposed to Saint Tropez prices, so you won’t be left reeling after a visit.

Visit Port Grimaud

Known as the Venice of France, Port Grimaud is a medieval village within easy access of Saint Tropez which makes a wonderful family day out. Canals criss-cross throughout the town and each house has its own mooring.  Here you can soak up the local atmosphere while you sample stunning French cuisine at the water’s edge.

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