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Top 10 Reasons to Visit New Jersey

New York, more affectionately known as ‘The Big Apple’, often steals the limelight but just a stone’s throw away New Jersey offers just as much glitz, glam and experiences. It’s admittedly one of the smaller states but with beautiful casinos featuring the best games to Mother Nature’s beauty, resorts and museums, New Jersey is also very big on personality.

Today, we pick the top 10 reasons why a visit to New Jersey is more than worth your while. Make sure to bookmark this page and give it a gander before your next visit or the next time you decide you want to explore around this gem of a state.

1. Atlantic City and The Boardwalk

It’s near impossible not to think of the world renowned Boardwalk when you think of Atlantic City and the state of New Jersey. The two are virtually synonymous.The wildly popular promenade stretches along for four miles offering captivating views and some of the city’s most celebrated attractions, including the Steel Pier. If walking isn’t quite your speed, you can opt for bike rentals and travel down the promenade on two wheels as you explore the endless stream of tourist spots.

2. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

As lush and luxurious as it sounds, Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa attracts tourists from far and wide with its expansive selection of casino and poker games, first-rate restaurants, host of events and entertainment. There is also a two-story spa on the 32nd floor which is often a favorite among guests. There’s plenty to do in such close proximity you might very well struggle to get through the rest of our list. Similar situation is in Atlanta. Beside some of the best Atlanta hotels, there is so much more to do there than staying inside and watching TV.

3. Absecon Lighthouse

Important parts of history are always preserved and the Absecon Lighthouse is no different. It was renovated in celebration of New Jersey’s 300th anniversary but still has the original First-order Fresnel lens installed from it’s 1857 construction. Visitors have to ascend up 228 steps to get to the top but the journey is more than worth as you are given access to stunning views of the Atlantic that will live long in the memory. Absecon Lighthouse also features a museum that will surely whet the appetite of any historian, offering detailed information on the history of lighthouses as well as their keepers and more.

4. Old Victorian Cape May

The fact that Cape May has been the choice for summer homes of six US presidents speaks volumes of the attractions and surroundings. Cape May rests on the southernmost end of New Jersey and features its own lighthouse which was built shortly after the Absecon Lighthouse in 1859. The piece of architecture alongside the fine beaches and elegantly constructed Victorian-style holiday homes have attracted scores of tourists over the years. If you decide to venture south to Cape May, you might very well enjoy a tour on the Yankee or a selection of dolphin and whale-watching cruises.

5. Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park stretches across 1,212 waterside acres and offers views of Upper New York Bay, Liberty Island, and Ellis Island (home to New York’s Statue of Liberty). The park itself boasts a number of interesting attractions such as Communipaw Cove and monuments like Liberation.
If you’re more in the mood for relaxing, the park also has picnic areas for visitors to enjoy some downtime in tranquil surroundings.

6. Cape May County Park & Zoo

Nothing says family fun like Cape May County Park & Zoo. It is a popular family outing that attracts many because of not only its free admission and wildlife residents but the wide array of recreational facilities including: hiking and biking trails and outdoor games areas.

7. Thomas Edison National Historical Park

If the prospect of learning about some of history’s most prized inventions isn’t enough to pique your interest then the opportunity to visit the former home of celebrated inventor Thomas Edison should be more than enough to persuade you. You can look forward to an up-close-and-personal look at various genuine artifacts as well as vintage movies. There is also the opportunity to take a tour of the impressive 29-room mansion, Glenmont.

8. Grounds For Sculpture

New Jersey doesn’t just offer bright lights with glitz and glam, there also exhibits that appeal to art lovers and the more culturally curious members of society. Grounds for Sculpture is one such place. It’s a 42-acre museum that boasts a host of different contemporary sculptures. Established in 1992, the park isn’t just easy on the eye because of its art; the surrounding nature consisting of trees and well-maintained flowerbeds adds to the wonder of this park.

9. Mountain Creek Bike Park

We alluded to the use of bikes earlier but bikes aren’t just reserved for the boardwalk. Mountain Creek Bike Park gives you your pick of almost 40 fun and exhilarating freeride and downhill mountain bike trails to explore. This beautiful biking experience is earning a name for itself on the east coast and should be on the to-do list of every biking aficionado.

10. Atlantic City Aquarium

If marine wildlife is your scene, the Atlantic City Aquarium is a must-visit feature of our list. You can enjoy interactive exhibits that help you learn about the wonders of the deep blue. Sea life you can expect to see include sand tiger sharks, northern stingrays, tropical sharks and other underwater animals from the New Jersey coast.
For the more intrigued, there is also an animal show that showcases the more eccentric inhabitants of the aquarium, offering detailed information about their habitats, eating preferences and other general facts of interest.

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