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There are many questions after Saudi Arabia allowed tourists to fly to the city and explore a little longer this beautiful destination. These questions are mostly related to Visa application, how to apply and what are the formalities to follow. In fact, there are also queries on the eligibility to apply for the Visa.

The Validity: 

Saudi Online EVisa has now made travelers make multiple entries for a validity of 1 year after the use. This is basically true that its expiry date will be clearly mentioned in the Visa that you will generate online once you’ve issued it. The entry has made it possible to visit any time in the 365 days validity period. Your stay can not exceed more than 90 days in total. 

Only via plane? 

Most of the people wonder whether they can travel the destination via crossing land borders or no? This is one big question that most of the travelers living near Saudi wish to know about. There is a yes to this answer and the visa can be used to travel via land borders as well. So, if you are not choosing flight mode, crossing the land border via Albatha land port is also possible. 

It’s Now easy to apply for 2nd Passport for the UK:

There are many things to know before you put your step into applying for a second passport for the UK. Let’s read in detail and pointers about what steps one needs to follow:

  1. Check whether you are eligible to make a second passport request from the officials. Business travelers are usually the one that makes such move so you need to be sure whether you can or cannot.
  2. You need to reach the official department and ask your queries if you are eligible to make sure you fill in the online form. This application form will require your existing passport photocopy and not the original one. And the process will be faster if you apply quickly. 
  3. Make the payment online, there is a safe payment mode provided to you. You can rely on that and make instant payment for the application.
  4. Wait for the reply from the government, if your documents and details are properly filled, there is a higher possibility of you getting your 2nd passport in no time. But for that, you have to make the proper application and filing details well. Only then you can expect quick answers. 

What if you want an Apostille for the UK?

The UK Apostille certificate is a genuine document that you belong to the country & your documents are real and this is proof shown in a different country. 

Lawyers that are present in the foreign jurisdiction often requires the certificate. This is to check whether the documents attached are valid or no. This certificate is stick at the backside of the documents and it gives a confirmation with a stamp that all the documents presented are genuine and not false. 

Nearly all the documents have an apostille attached to it. It is basically a norm to follow in the country and can not be avoided. A UK document needs to have the UK stamped apostille on it as a genuine gesture. And there are in fact, many documents that do not consider valid until and unless the certificate is not attached to it. 

Legal works are quite complicated, but with proper instruction and steps available, it’s as easy as buying curtains online. The lengthy process of offline mode has now got easy access to handling the task with the online guide. Now the legal world is easy and simply continent to follow. 

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