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Running regularly for the first time can be a challenging endeavor, depending on your fitness levels. The hardest part of any lifestyle change is starting, but thankfully there are a few good accessories around to help you with this new challenge and keep you motivated for the long haul.

Powerbeats Headphones by Dre

Music is an essential aid for any runner, as the right song with the right tempo can really give you that motivational edge when you need it most, boosting your performance. However, there are plenty of limitations with standard earphones that makes listening to music while exercising a little awkward to do.

Firstly, the cable in wired headphones can be distracting, as it can get in the way of your stride, impacting the efficiency of your running. Additionally, depending on the length of the cable, it can also be restricting your movement, not to mention that standard earphones are prone to falling out at high speeds.

Wireless headphones are the way to go for exercise and running, and the Powerbeats are the elite option. Due to its over the ear, ergonomic design, it’s comfortable to wear, and you can be assured that it’ll stay put for even the fastest sprints. It also has a supreme audio quality to make that music even more motivating.

Keebos Crossbody Phone Case

When running there is always the smallest risk that your phone could come flying out of your pocket and smash into the hard ground below. With a crossbody case available from, that chance is reduced to 0%. This is because not only is the case extremely durable, meaning that it can survive the most forceful of impacts, it’s also connected to a handy, stylish chain that can be worn over the neck or across the shoulder. This keeps it extraordinarily secure and close to your body, while also making it easily accessible so that you can check up on your running speed, the time elapsed and distance covered. There are plenty of chains to choose from, making it easier to find ones that matches your personality, and with each purchase of a case, Keebos pledge to plant a tree, making it good for both you and the environment.

Nike Run Club App

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of application operating during your run that allows you to track the distance and time of it. The Nike Run Club App does this but also goes way beyond as they turn running into a sociable, dare I say it, fun activity through their live-feed and more.

The app is the perfect companion to both seasoned runners and those starting off as it gives you in-depth, insightful data and statistics for each one of your runs, making it easier to track your progress.  Plus, it has functionality that links it with specific Nike Shoes, allowing you access to additional detailed information.

For those that need a little encouragement and motivational words while running, there are countless of audio-guided runs within the app that you can play and listen to so you can get inspirational stories from Olympic athletes, mindful monks and advice from certified running coaches. The app also gamifies running, setting out plenty of challenges for you to crush as well as multiple achievements for you to unlock, giving you the incentive to push yourself and keep going. Paired with the previous two suggestions, it’s a perfect combination to help you get the most from your running.

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