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Scratching your scalp nonstop without knowing the cause can stress you out. If you ever see tiny black creatures creeping on your comb or hair strands, your scalp might be an abode for head lice.

Get to know more about head lice invasion and the hair growth shampoo against these parasites.

What You Need to Know About Head Lice

Head lice are miniature wingless insects that infest on your scalp. These vampire-like creatures thrive by sucking human blood. An adult head louse is as big as a seed and can survive for a month. Beware of the female head lice. They lay their eggs every day, which can bring total infestation in a couple of days. 

How do head lice swarm your scalp? Lice intrusion begins by having an interaction with an infected person. A hair louse can be transferred through combs, brushes, towels, hats, and other hair items. Let’s debunk a myth: head lice can neither fly nor jump. They can only crawl their way towards your scalp. Using their claws, they cling on your hair strands to prolong their stay on your scalp.

Head lice infestation is common among children since most kids are not mindful of borrowing and lending personal belongings. Still, adults are not exempted from these creepy crawlers. Take note that poor hygiene is not the underlying cause of being infested by lice. Using personal items from the infested host opens the possibility of getting head lice. 

What are the signs of head lice intrusion? Seeing black pea-sized insects after brushing your hair is the first and most evident symptom of head lice invasion. Watch out for lice eggs, too. These tiny nits disguise as dandruff. They can’t be easily removed since they stick so much in your hair shaft. Once they hatch, their remnants still stick on your strands, pretending to be like dandruff. You will also experience extreme itching and feel a prickling sensation on your scalp.

Let’s bring up the question. Can head lice affect hair growth? No, it does not directly affect hair growth, but it can damage your scalp. Intense scratching can cause epidermal abrasions, which lead to severe irritations. Blood deficiency can also be another problem if head lice are left untreated. Remember that your hair follicles need oxygen and nutrients from your blood. Having head lice as blood consumers can impede your follicle growth.

How to Fight Against Head Lice

The most effective way to avoid being infected is to avoid lending or borrowing personal items unless you are 100% sure that a person is lice-free. Always clean your pillows, bedsheets, combs, hats, and other objects having direct contact with your head. These parasites are crawling insects. Thus, you must stop every means of transmission.

If you think you have been a home for these hair pests, you need immediate action. You can opt to buy an over-the-counter medication like topical creams. 

Get rid of these pesky creatures by washing your hair with the anti-lice shampoo. Therefore, ensure that your shampoo has natural and safe chemicals like pyrethrins. These active chemical compounds found in anti-lice shampoos kill the lice straightaway. Choose anti-lice shampoo products loaded with various essential oils to keep your mane moisturized and healthy.

After washing and rinsing your hair with lukewarm water, use a thin-toothed comb to scrape the lice and eggs away from your wet hair. Repeat this process for a couple of days until no sign of an infestation is left behind.

Say Goodbye to Head Lice.

Don’t let head lice ruin your perfect locks. Use the best anti-lice hair growth shampoo to keep those pests away.

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