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There are so many things we would love to learn about, but they do not exactly come up in the general curriculum at schools. Math is great and everything, but what about all the stuff that is not really spoken about? Or the niche things that could really be someone’s calling?

This is where the internet comes in!

The internet is a wonderful source of information on an abundance of topics, with passionate people turning their knowledge and love into courses all around the world.

So, with that in mind, this piece will let you know of some unique courses online you can immerse yourselves in!

Master of Science in Foresight

For many of us, there is a good chance we have muttered the words “Well, I saw that one coming”. Or perhaps more importantly, “I wish I saw that coming!”.

While no one can predict the future (that we are aware of anyway!), skills can be developed to help you understand patterns.

The Master of Science in Foresight course offers the unique opportunity to learn to predict what might happen in the future based on past events! The course is run through the University of Houston and can be a valuable asset in many jobs – especially data analysis!

Biohacking Your Brain’s Health

Another fascinating course that is available through Emory University is Biohacking Your Brain’s Health. This free course, taught by Assistant Professor Karima Benameur, will run you through all of the essentials such as nutrition for a healthy brain, keeping your brain’s health maximized through fitness, and understanding how important sleep is for the brain. This course aims to help you improve your brain’s health, and you can study it for free!

Making Sense of UFOs

Do you love space? Are you an extra-terrestrial fanatic? Want to know more about UFOs? Well, you have come to the right place. The course ‘making sense of UFOs‘ will take you deep into the world of unidentified flying objects with plenty of information, including over 250 published sources, broken down into small segments so you can learn about this fascinating topic in bite-sized chunks.

There are options to engage with other participants of the course, along with a weekly Q&A, which is great for those who want to meet people who have similar interests in our space neighbors!

How to Be a Better Person

There truly is a course for everything, and when in doubt, you can head straight over to the internet to find help on the very thing you are looking for. In this case, if you are on a mission to be a better person, then there is a course exactly for that!

This course is not based on doing charity runs or caring for your elderly neighbor (though, feel free!) It is more about how to improve yourself so you can achieve the goals and life that your heart desires. It can help you release negative voices and judgments and encourage you to propel yourself into the improvements you want to make in your life.

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