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There are various reasons you find a remote job more appropriate for yourself. Maybe you find more productive in work-from-home or you are a mom who wants to enter into the workforce again or maybe the pandemic has given more opportunities for remote work or you are a digital nomad. The pandemic crisis has shifted the operational infrastructure of organizations to digital. The businesses are operating online while making all efforts to ensure unaffected revenue even in digital working culture.

The recruitment sites and agencies are hiring remote developersand have opened the positions for online assistants to manage business operations seamlessly. The companies have also posted about hiring remote software developers, project managers, content writers, and business analysts on their websites. You can just go to the ‘career’ section of websites of your dream companies to look for opportunities.

Below are some recruitment sites that provide enhanced opportunities to find remote jobs.

  1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one legitimate recruitment site with thousands of traffic all the time. The site incorporates more than 50 categories for remote jobs. It provides you very detailed information about the job type and responsibilities. All you need to do is just login into the website and search the job title you are looking for. The website will enlist all the job openings related to your search and you can apply in those. 

  1. Pangian

The site has the purpose of connecting the five continents such that the companies who are looking to hire remote employees could be connected with the right candidates. It has a virtual job board that posts the job opening to hire remote software developers, UI/UX designers, content writers, and digital marketing specialists. Pangian also has an online community where the users can create their accounts and get a chance to learn about employees and their interests.

  1. Arc

This recruitment site hires remote developers that are living anywhere in the world. If you want to hire employees in the Philippines, you can just go to the site, give and look for job openings there. They also provide opportunities to young internees to get the chance of doing internships in their favorite fields. Login to the website and look for opportunities and apply regularly for your favorite posts. This place gives you a kick start to your career.

  1. Remotive

The Remotive sends newsletters to the job seekers two times a month. The candidates that are interesting and finding a job for them can look for the job openings. The website also gives tips for digital nomads to find online jobs that are most appropriate to your role and responsibilities. Remotive jobs are listed based on several categories that make look-up easy on the website. You can find jobs from job type, title, sales, marketing, and support.

  1. Working Nomads

It is a newsletter site that is dedicated to digital nomads. When you get into the site, the first step is to sign up for the service. The digital nomads that are already working will deliver a curated list of remote jobs to you. From there, you can choose the emails and then can move to the next city when the job search for telecommunication comes and find you.

  1. Virtual Vocations’

The remote site gives an opening for the position of telecommunication, and technical writing. So if you belong to these fields, you can go to these websites and look out for the job openings. The website is renowned for its legitimacy. Other than just posting the jobs, the site also gives tips to find remote jobs and gigs during the holiday season.

  1. We Work Remotely

The site has a simple layout that delivers a range of virtual job openings. From hiring remote developers to customer service agents, and web designing to programming, the site opens jobs for various other job titles. The place gives companies an opportunity to find out the most capable candidates in any corner of the world. You can easily find a ticket to remote employment of your choice. 

  1. Jobspresso

It is another remote work job board that is trusted by the top companies and startups across the work. The site gives job openings for a wide range of remote job positions that belong to various fields such as customer support, tech, marketing, writing, and more. The site has a lot of features, you can just design your resume on the portal and make it public to give access to potential employers. They can go through your profile and approach you if you fit in with their requirements.

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