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If you love classic rock and classic cars—or even if you love one and your partner or friend loves the other—you are going to be all over this list of vintage cars and the songs they have inspired. Read on for travel and entertainment ideas that combine classic cars and classic rock songs.

For Your Epic Road Trip: (Pink) Cadillac

The Cadillac 1954 Fleetwood Series 60 and the subsequent model 1955 Fleetwood Series 60 are part and parcel of the history of classic rock. Elvis Presley bought a pink version of the 1954 model in early 1955 to provide transport for him and his band The Blue Moon Boys. Unfortunately, the car was destroyed by a road fire in the same year, and Elvis decided to upgrade to the 1955 model. Although the second Cadillac was originally blue and black, Elvis asked a neighbor to paint it pink for him, and Elvis fans can still see this second pink Cadillac at the Elvis-themed resort Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Pink Cadillacs even have their own dedicated day, September 1st.

The pink Cadillac was immortalized by Bruce Springsteen in his eponymous 1984 song, which has been covered by dozen of other artists, including Southern Pacific (1986) and Natalie Cole (1987). Although you may not be able to buy or hire a pink Cadillac with crushed velvet seats for your road trip (like the one Springsteen sang about), if you settle on a Cadillac model for your epic road trip, you are sure to be in for a great driving experience. You can always take a leaf out of Presley’s book and paint it pink yourself! Have fun driving coast-to-coast and singing along to Bruce Springsteen in your pink (or not) Cadillac.

For Your Wedding Day: Mercedes-Benz

In her famous 1971 song, Janis Joplin’s character, in a bid to keep up with her Porsche-driving friends, prays God to buy her a Mercedes-Benz, as well as a color TV and a night on the town. Your wedding day is possibly the only day in your life when you are not only allowed, but expected to behave as if you lead a fancier lifestyle like Janis Joplin’s character wanted than you really do. Testament to the popularity of the Mercedes-Benz is the fact that London-based wedding car service have chosen to offer an E Class AMG Line model from the famous German luxury car manufacturer alongside English classics such as Bentley, Daimler, and Austin Mini. Treat yourself on your wedding day and travel in style while singing along to the Goddess of Rock!

For Your Amateur Road Racing Weekends: Red Camaro

Road racing is not just for Formula 1 professionals: there are plenty of amateur road racing events for you and your car-loving friends to join. Automobile enthusiasts who love driving at top speed will find nothing better than a Chevrolet Camaro, which is—at least according to this Chevy dealership—one of the most customizable cars in existence. “Red Camaro” by Rascal Flatts will make a great soundtrack, and the good news is that red Camaros are a lot easier to come by than pink Cadillacs!

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